Thursday, 28 September 2017

Grant Gustin - Running home to you


I had just found an old Berry time sheet. My name is crossed out. Foreshadowing perhaps? 

I am reading Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl by Harriet Jacobs. A biography I believe of someone named Linda. The slave owners were such cunts. That's how they should be remembered. Unjust and unfair treatment to the slaves who were after all only human and equals. More intelligent that their captors. Read 12 Years A Slave by Solomon Northup. #blacklivesmatter The alt right, men's rights activists behave like Dr. Flint that described in the book. The author speaks the truth. The irony of the white American thinking he was here first. Nat Turner is mentioned as is the after effects of the insurgence. See The Birth Of A Nation. It would be interesting to have a time machine to transport the slaves and owners to the modern era and they could meet Barack Obama. Just to get a reaction. The Help, The Butler, Hidden Figures, Malcolm X, Selma, The Free State Of Jones are worth watching. Major human rights abuse and genocide. You can see where the dumb stereotypes come from. Some parts will offend and anger you. Piss On Your Grave - The Coup.
The Small Print - Muse - Butterflies And Hurricanes Sign up to Amazon Music today

Also downloaded The Prophetic Camera by John McGreevey. It was short and did expect better and more. I have yet to read the Autobiography Of Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak or Black Hawk by Black Hawk. 

Hate This And I'll Love You- Muse

Karma Police - Radiohead
I imagined what I would do to Jolene Laing the evil shoplifter. Grab her by the arms and slam her into the shelves asking "What the fuck are you doing?" I would put a hammer to her head, possibly break her neck. Grab and drag her or be carrying her and slam her head into the warehouse door. Take her out to the carpark. Dump her body in the cage. The large biffa bin at the end or better yet over the wall. Pure Savitar mode. I would rip out her boyfriend's spine. As Savitar I would travel back in time to the slave plantation and batter the fuck out of the masters. Wielding some magical power if in another form and turn all the white people black. Leave it there. Racist People - Roll Deep #blacklivesmatter 

I seem to have lost a few songs from my phone. A did not delete them. Google Play app. Missed call from my brother in the morning. I was asleep. I'm not sure exactly what the call was about when he rang back. Whether to borrow money or the council fee. 

I had a dream where I was a viewer on the Jeremy Kyle Show. A gay couple that hadn't been dating long were sat on the chairs. Well first they were in bed. They went onto the stage. The best friend was there too. The new boyfriend was a lot older. Wore glasses and possibly a wig. His sideburns were coming off. So they stopped the show to head into make-up.

There was a following one set at Christmas. Splash 3 was on TV, starring Daryl Hannah. Some car on the main road was parked on double yellow lines, near their house. A red 4x4. I suggested it would be easier to adjust the lines. A film is on and I seem to be watching and partly living it. I could affect the timeline. Perhaps create a flashpoint. I was thinking of Last Action Hero and The Butterfly Effect. There was a flood. A young girl would be swept away, she is the only survivor. I am in the town centre. At work. Changing from shorts to trousers and back. 

This pops up on the title section when I play Twenty One Pilots - Blurry Face. Ahang Film 0935 9494205
It was online when I downloaded the song. The uploader would have put it on there. 

On Victoria Derbyshire show there is a teen dressed in a mermaid outfit. A bit of fun. She uses it in the local swimming pool. Not a flattering camera angle. In ITV This Morning the women too clever for love. It might get the backs up of some people. There are MGTOW on youtube. The young brunette is hot.

It was a wasted journey in a way going to Savers. I should have phoned first. I'm watching 50 First Dates starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. I had seen it once before. Nice seeing it again. A good film as are The Wedding Singer and Big Daddy. Heartfelt comedies. If some of you hadn't seen it then see the Amazon links. I noticed the girl at the beginning being told that Henry is a spy. Pretty with piercing nipples. 
Watching Pulse 2 Afterlife. Some scenes especially with the character Michelle looks like it was a CGI background. Nice tits on the man's girlfriend. Justine the daughter is annoying just sneaking off. I would have left her out there. I have Pulse 3. Selling them together on eBay. Justine is a teenager. Still a nuisance. Post apocalyptic world. Independent films. Man playing the acoustic guitar with one string. Creepy trilogy. I had seen Rick Gonzalez at Stapleford Park Country Hotel. He starred in the 1st film. Worth reading the reviews and discussions. 

Beautiful ass on the blonde in grey vest and zebra print leggings. I mentioned her before. This pretty, slim brunette in her late teens or early twenties. All in black, nice body. Some more pretty ladies turned up. Nice arses. Nice tits on the blonde in white t-shirt. Lovely ass on the blonde in black. One with the midriff showing. Tits are ok. This tall blonde has a grey sports bra. Nice tits. The two girls in black were alright.

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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Vanessa Carlton - House Of Seven Swords


I am watching The Flash season 3. Selling it on eBay soon enough. Great start to the show. The timeline had been changed so everything is different to the characters. Imagine what happened when The Doctor rebooted the universe. Nice to have the actors play their characters in a different style. It is Region 1 on the cover but played on my Samsung dvd player here in the UK. It was listed as Region 2 by the seller. Many notable characters. Some new and some old. Plenty of action, drama and humour. A musical episode. Special features are included. Murder Song - Aurora Grant Gustin - Running home to you
I am currently selling some dvds. Donating to OXFAM. They have an appeal for the victims of the earthquake in Mexico. Lost In Translation, Alien Vs Predator Requiem are listed. Pulse 2 and 3 will be added soon.

SHAB a slim white male dressed in black jeans, jacket and holding a black cap looked dodgy as he hung around the alcohol. We watched him. He was with the Jolene Laing bellend. She turns up. They were going to steal but left with nothing. He was her boyfriend named Richard. They will hang soon enough. A couple that I ought to have three belled bought some toilet tissues. Paid with a £20. I didn't use the pen I think. It could be a ruse. Scruffy. Possibly living on the council estate. A few more businesses in Loughborough had been burgled.

I did dream that she and her boyfriend came to my house and took some toilet roll.

I had a previous dream where I worked at McDonalds. It was my first day and I spotted some suspicious people. I went to the manager's office and he was in the middle of an interview. I had to keep an eye on them. I noticed someone I used to work with. A young couple with two children came in. She had trouble walking. I had a handheld device and was taking her order on it. As we were having trouble. She went and queued instead. Whilst I erased the info the manager hands me two small packets of sweets and asks me to sell them.

In another dream I had met Henry Cavill. He had been busy filming.

My brother has the audacity to ask to borrow more money especially as I sent him a lot. I can't get the guttering or taps fixed without the money.

Some Dutch woman caught peeing in public is making an issue out of nothing. A white terrorist shot two black men and shot at the home of a family in his street. He is a suspect. Bellend if proven guilty.

Puregym offer: ZEROJF No joining fee promo code Puregym.   125P6554 my referral code. Get included into a prizedraw to win an IPad Pro. Different prizes each month.

Saw some nice brunette with large tits. Good cleavage. Black vest grey leggings. Nice ass too. Saw some blondes earlier. Eastern European perhaps. A brunette with a nice ass all in grey and another with luminous leg warmers. A slim pretty brunette in the zumba class I think, wiggling her ass. Spotted some slim brunette in a striped pair of leggings in the CV room. I could try and take some pictures. A blonde doing squats. Tits and ass are OK. Leggings have black stripes running diagonally. Nice rack on this Asian girl. A tall blonde doing squats has nice tits. Wearing red vest. A blonde in grey leggings with a nice arse. Her friend has the top that is split from the back. Spotted the tall brunette in light blue and grey with a nice arse. Saw his absolutely stunning blonde with a nice body. Black and blue kit. Hair flowing down to her shoulders.

Some guy just went on the power plate as I went to grab a roller. My stuff was beside it. Hate it when people do that.

Back at the gym. Some dark haired pretty woman in her 20s. All in black. Nice body. I did pass this nice blonde just now. There was this slim one in a sports bra earlier on. Two girls training together. A pretty blonde in grey kit with a nice ass as did her brunette friend in black.

By striving to do the impossible, man has always achieved what is possible. Those who have cautiously done no more than they believed possible have never taken a single step forward." Mikhail Bakunin ~

The king of the jungle is the lion not the elephant, the king of the seas is the shark not the whale... You may want to be the biggest, but my goal is to be king.

No action --> decay.

Don't let your ego write checks that your body can't cash.

Lapis Philosophorum.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Ashamed - Muse

I received this text from Ocado. I hadn't ordered anything. I don't know a Mr Ali. It's either a scam or spam or human error.

Hi, your next order is due tomorrow at 12:30pm. You can edit your order until 5:40pm today. Try our app:

Dear Mr Ali. Welcome to Ocado. Your 12:30PM-1:30PM order will be delivered by Richard in Lemon van LK64 JXC. You have no missing items.

Just seen this guy that has a huge wine glass. Perhaps a trophy. A hog blonde in a grey coat, hair tied back. Skirt, nice legs. Loughborough Railway Station 11:57am 17/9/17. Have I missed some trains as I was in the loo? Why the fuck do I bother.

I'm still here. I could get a refund well I should have done. There is this Asian girl in black. Looks pretty. Two teenage girls are having some conversation. The train was crammed. Went to Splash not too much happened. A guy in Burger King was playing Grime on some speakers. Really?!
I did go to CEX. This woman in her 50-60s was talking to the queue about her love of horror movies and if anyone had £3 that they could give her. She is a complete stranger. I'm not a charity even though my brother wanted to borrow money after I had already leant him enough.

This text came: Your order will be delivered 19 Sep by DPD. Not going to be in?

Fucking internet connection is dodgy. Videos on Xvideos and Pornhub were buffering. There is this tall athletic guy in white t-shirt blonde hair, attractive and his girlfriend is tall, brunette and wearing blue vest and black shorts. She is pretty and has a nice body. Saw this pretty blonde in orange T-shirt and black leggings. Nice tits. Some tanned blonde in blue vest. A blonde in black uniform inspecting the equipment. Two slim teen ladies. Nice bodies, one blonde the other brunette wearing sports bras.

Some reason my colleague's friend says my name at the end of every sentence when talking to me. It is slightly annoying.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

A Place For My Head - Linkin Park

icon  Linkin Park
 I did face up the dental section it's just the customers were still purchasing stuff. Be grateful that I stayed behind. Someone called in sick. Why didn't you answer the three bell? I followed this guy in grey around the store. Asked him if he wanted a basket. She was on till when I first signalled to the Ass' Manager. He took a hair gel item and went to join the queue. I went off. Now he may have disappeared. Either he paid for the item or left with it. The rota gets changed around without mention yet again. This is Savers for you.
The neighbours were arguing between 23:16-23:23. I recorded it and plan to upload it. The walls should be soundproof. Most of what he says is in Bengali. She does shout fuck off and get out a few times. Maybe he doesn't nibble on Mrs Rahman's minge. Well to him I dedicate 99 Problems by Jay-Z. My brother was moaning about stuff which is out of my control and my mum is up talking to herself unaware of the time. Next door neighbours are talking again. Bitch aren't you aware of the time? It's 00:41. Mrs Rahman does swallow. I'm going to draw some comic based around this. I had a series of dreams in one night. Different scenes. I might not go into full detail. Scene 1: There is a large boat. One board is a electronic device, like a safe. Inside is trapped the devil. I am part of a team. It is bought out and unfortunately the demon is released. He does take over the body of a school principal. I did get into a fight with him. Almost stabbing me with these spikes coming out of his fingers. I don't know why I remembered Antonio Banderas or Henry Cavill. Scene 2: there are animals. A variety of them with their own personalities. There was some vehicle being used as a form of escape. A river full of sharks and crocodiles. Reuniting parent and child. Madagascar meets Finding Nemo. Scene 3: candid camera/live performance. The setting is a racing ground. Some woman performing but the two in the background that should have been watching are doing exercises. I placed sugars near the training area for the horses. There was a thought about having special powers. The children involved in a video were now sat in the studio audience watching it back. Scene 4: Unfriended meets Final Destination meets American Pie. The cast of American Pie are trying to cheat death. There is a part where they are looking at the screen and it is foreshadowed how they will all die. It is being broadcast via webcam. They all have doppelgangers. One is getting smacked on the head with a mallet. Eventually they aim to change things and get into a fight with the doppelgangers. So much detail to remember. Scene 5: I am at a shopping centre. A large blonde lady is helping me pick out all the foods. Lemon drizzle, cobs etc. Scene 6: It is a soap show. A few people sat in a pub and a muscular topless man comes over to talk to this lady. She is sat with a gentleman. The intruder is jealous. So he decides to say hello and kisses the other man. There is a young blonde lad that had been with topless man. He was talking about a female pregnant friend being assaulted. Her baby being removed from her. Some scenes may be connected. I can remember going through a vhs and DVD collection. A Ps1 is sat on the shelf. Some games too. I am now awake at 7:11. Extra Time: I dreamt that I was in a cafe with James Corden and Quentin Tarantino. We were discussing when film makers pay homage to other artists. Sir Ian McKellen walks by waving and saying hello. He had a part in some theatre. My brother on about the dishes being left in the sink and they need to be washed. I didn't leave them you did. I other brother asking me for money when I already had told him that I had no money. 4 missed calls. He won't get anything now. 99 Problems. Watching DejaVu again and Paula Patton does have a nice rack. To be honest the rude customers, shoplifters, Savers and altright do not define me or how my day goes. I forgive and forget you. I do the drawings for entertainment purposes. Hyper Music - Muse Cherry Tree is a British horror. Nice tits on the blonde in the showers. As does the evil witch. Really bitch?! Talking to yourself waking me up at 3:45am. Fucking ridiculous property programmes. A Caucasian middle class couple check out there 1st house. The presenter asks "so James and Valerie, why choose this one?" Val replies "it's a nice area, close to work, a school for Sophie and no Black or Asian people in sight which is a bonus". The presenter is later seen being spitroasted in an alley by two estate agents. Sara Damaji, Laura Hamilton or Jasmine Harman with jizz dribbling down her tits. AI that recognised gay faces, whatever next. Waste of time and money but hardly something to get offended over. A few pretty women in the gym. A blonde in grey leggings and a brunette that was seen earlier. Lily Q has a nice ass. Now in her training gear. This blonde with straight hair that just arrived is in black. She has a nice body and pretty face. Some tall blonde in camouflage green top. A short brunette in green pattern shorts.

I should have known that guy was the mystery shopper. I should have challenge 25 him. Two girls were clearly young were purchasing the small alcohol pouches. Though they didn't have ID. She gave it to her mum to buy. That is a proxy sale. A guy that we hadn't seen in a while. An Asian chap with a bag, uses a contactless card. But would walk off without trying chip n pin.

Note to self: stop taking nude selfies. We did have a three bell situation. It was after 5. Wasn't sure if the lady was disabled or high on drugs. She was acting erratic, waving her arms around. She did purchase some items. Apparently she had a Saintsbury bag which was placed outside the shop. It had shoes and hangers and a Primark bag. She left it. I mentioned it over the radio. Still had a tag on her coat. 

I have purchased The Flash season 3 and once watched will sell it on eBay.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

By Myself - Linkin Park


Dream: I was in some country manor it was similar to Downton Abbey it one point. I was with a former colleague Richard and some others. There was a job going on Sundays for waiting staff. They would be serving dinner to the regular staff. I was considering joining. I went downstairs to meet the locals. There was a nice drink for me. I saw this plate of food but wasn't sure if it was for me. I shook hands with a guy. One couldn't because of an injury. I was asked to take out the rubbish. I went to a door and knocked. The lady of the manor opened it. She was middle aged, blonde, wore glasses and plaid clothing. Similar to someone I have met before. She asked me to put the rubbish down on the floor. As I left I was to avoid touching anything with my hands. I was watching a film where it was a murder mystery and it went full circle. Set in the 60s. Less than an hour. 

Air Fryer a new product advertised on this infomercial here in the UK. There is possibly an affiliate programme for these company. 

That Megan Egerton might be attractive and I should have just replied back to her. Well she can read this. She liked a page that I was visiting. It is a public domain that you post your photo to and there is a share option so I choose to use it. She seemed a it obsessive on messenger. Take it as a compliment. Not a perv or stalking anyone. I don't use the phrase hoe even if you do. Her boyfriend Jack will leave her for a guy. She and her ilk are just irrelevant. #cunt "I don't want you and I never did" "I got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one" Case Closed.

Not sure who this woman from Coalville was asking where she knew me from. It was sent in 2016 and I have just seen it now. I don't use messenger. I sometimes deactivate my profile.

There was the tall guy with the neck tattoo. I three belled and all staff were on the till. He had a leaflet with him. He may have placed an item in the leaflet and left. I could be wrong but the time wasn't taken down. So the CCTV could be looked at. New girl Jess(ica) starts today. Retail trainee maybe. Kirah had found a full time job already. Maybe week 34/35 were her working her notice and she just hadn't told the manager that she was leaving. 

Snowflakes getting upset over Strictly Come Dancing and with Susan Calman deciding to take part. Mark Law from Shepshed murdered Timothy Smith. 
Alexander Moroz was killed by an air rifle. A five year old that lived in Loughborough. I hope his parents get justice.

So Zavvi cancelled my affiliate contract. I never received the messages. 

I am watching Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close. Based on the novel inspired by the events of 9/11. Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and Thomas Horn, John Goodman, Viola Davis and Jeffrey Wright star. Set in New York. Told through the eyes of Oskar. He is reminiscing about the time spent with his father who died in the attacks. He had left him clues. Drama. You might like Reign Over Me, Charlie St Cloud, The 93. It is 9/9/17 today. Great child actor. Good music. Contacting his grandma over the walkie talkie late at night. He is quite rude to people. It is a love letter to New York. Oskar probably would get shot. Does he suffer from Aspergers? This film can get boring. Worth looking at the trivia and discussions. Not sure what the old man wrote on his note. This journey becomes an obsession. The actor has gone onto other projects. There is a Beastie Boyz song dedicated to NYC. Die Hard With A Vengeance set in the city. Oxymoron wars. Reminded of Sheldon Cooper. New Yorkers are used as extras. He is an annoying little shit. Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind.

I'm rewatching Darkness. Starring Anna Paquin, Iain Glen, Lena Olin. It is a haunted house horror. You may have seen Lights Out, Vanishing On 7th Street, Doctor Who: Silence In The Library. Set in Spain. A regular eclipse is coming. People had vanished 40 years earlier. Anna looks cute. Worth watching. It is an old indie film. Others that I recommend Sixth Moon, From Within, The Tall Man, anything by Blumhouse, Orin Peli, Eli Roth and Oculus. Stephen King's It has been remade and is out soon. 

I think I have noticed this pretty blonde before. Nice ass in those crimson leggings. The hot tanned blonde in blue is here as usual on a Sunday. There is the cute brunette in green top and grey leggings. A blonde in red and black with a nice pert bum as has her brunette friend. The blonde in all grey has a nice ass as does the Asian girl in pink.

Fucking Facebook cunts seemed to have banned me from posting and I have to confirm my identity too. I've not done anything wrong.

Linkin Park

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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Booty Luv- Some Kinda Rush

This guy that came into the store I wasn't suspicious of but then saw he was up to something. He had put a bottle in his bag and wanted to buy a bag. I knew it was for wrong. He claimed to have put it back but the barrier went off. I had alerted management as soon and confronted him. He went off. Wanker. Knights Of Cydonia - Muse A Perfect Circle - Passive As expected the staff at Cashino are at the front door. Just curious I gather. Watching me maybe. I thought about waving. The supervisor has been enlisted to work the delivery on her day off. The same twat and his mate came in an took another bottle. Then Jolene comes in. She claimed to have bought bottles from earlier. Arsehole twat then knocks stuff off the shelf. This scruffy guy in grey comes in and is on about smellys. Just say air freshener. He is another one to watch out for. The rude blonde Each was in but I wasn't going to serve that cunt. It's all on today. So the once apprentice later sales assistant Kirah left the job... again, hopefully she handed in her notice this time. They say lightening doesn't strike in the same place twice. 99 Problems. The lady working at Vision Express is hot. My brother had called me whilst I was in the library. The call didn't matter. 01782 970499 rang me again. That automated voice on the Vodafone line don't half talk some shit. The internet connection is shoddy.

Manager was a pain. Woman just let me get on with it. Working on my day off. Shoplifter in again, caught by assistant manager. I missed him. He was apparently watching me. 02036346682 London called me. 

I am watching Hidden Figures. Based on the true story. African American women working for NASA. There work hadn't been acknowledged until now. Interesting opening scene. 1961. They were the mathematicians helping John Glenn getting into space.
Octavia Spencer, Janalle Monae, Taraji P Henson, Jim Parsons, Kirsten Dunst, Kevin Costner. Special features included. Pharell Williams and Hans Zimmer provide the music. More songs from the 60s to set the scene. Mary is hot. You might like The Butler, Birth Of A Nation, Selma, Mandela, 12 Years A Slave, Get Out, Black And White, Malcolm X, The Help, Roots. Great cast. It was pre segregation in America. Sexism and racism in the workplace. Irony being the white Americans were also immigrants. Another scene to highlight where Katherine had to find a toilet. Also the way they speak to her and stare is rude. Dorothy wanting a supervisor role but not getting it. Whoever came up with the Jim Crow laws is the dumbest fuck that ever existed. It is an alien world to modern America. In the TV show Timeless the crew visit this time and get help from Katherine. Read the book Dreams Of My Father by Barack Obama and the autobiographies by Maya Angelou. See Black History Month and Black Lives Matter. Jim Parsons plays a scientist on The Big Bang Theory.

Do you know anyone looking for work? Savers Health And Beauty Loughborough is looking for an Apprentice and two Sales Assistants. Apply online at Please share. Poor snowflake offended at a multicoloured hat worn by off duty policeman at #gaypride Fucking moron. Had to be an altright bellend too.

I served this attractive blonde couple. He was muscular. She had nice boobs and legs. The gym at night is left in a state. Kirah the former colleague had left the job again without handing in her notice. Not clever. looking for staff.

Pandora are hiring. They assumed it was a female well that's who I am asking for. 

There are quite a few attractive staff at Vision Express, especially the Optician, the lady Hanna was pretty. Frustrating getting my mum to listen and follow instructions as there is a language barrier. The staff are patient. Just paid quite abit for new glasses. 

you might be attractive, but a snowflake and a cunt. Oh right you're the one with the nice tits. You're boyfriend is that bellend.
Wow you're rude ain't you? I don't use Messenger fam. I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. 

Megan Eddington

Megan Eddington
Why did you share my profile pictures?

Megan Eddington
Megan Eddington
Megan Eddington
Yeah that's what I thought you perv (nope not a perv)
I'm sure you have other SINGLE hoes you can go and stalk

(not stalking anyone.)

Bye bye darlin😘😘