Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Shine - Aswad


The general manager has been changing the rota from head office. The arse hole shoplifter with bald head, beard and red jacket stole a bottle as the customer had pointed out. I three belled when he came in. The bottle hadn't been tagged or that he may have removed it. The Assistant manager eventually made her way down. I got another lecture. Management are supposed to do their job properly. I didn't have the radio. Obviously no one in town made the call. What are they all doing? Masturbating perhaps.

So Facebook have blocked me from posting and deleted some content. Snowflakes.

My mum talking to herself at 1:50am. Yeah, tomacho murri gai che, kishore ni Jew muk as shouted hours ago and other phrases. At Savers this old man leaves a £ for his deodorant and goes. I needed to scan it. I was in the middle of a transaction. My customer went to grab something else. Quite a few people do that and some don't read the price labels thinking the item is cheaper. Idiots. 99 Problems/One Step Closer

The blonde on the running machine had a nice arse. Grey leggings. There is the brunette in black with a nice are too. One in blue T-shirt and tight black shorts. Lovely ass. Black haired girl with a nice ass. Blue T-shirt and grey leggings. This tanned girl in white has a nice body. Spotted a short blonde in black and a brunette in grey an she had a nice body. There is this blonde in light blue leggings. Her legs and bottom are nice. A blonde in grey T-shirt and black leggings on the bike. Nice body and pretty too may have mentioned her earlier. I did pass another in grey. This pretty blonde in purple top has nice tits and fit body. Of course there is Fran in green and black. Athletic and tanned. A hot blonde in black kit with white writing on it. Sat on a bench, hair tied back.

I got called from this number 0314013104. South Africa or Australia. Call ends when I ring back. Who the fuck is it? Possibly a scammer. Some guy in a red cap and blue denim jacket, Arabic appearance tried to sell me an iPhone. Sat on the bench outside The Griffin. There was this hot blonde at Light Bites. Went to Casa Cafe and the food and service was good. So the assistant at Simply Pleasure had said with the part exchange DVDs it would be £10 but after one didn't work or she checked the info it was £15. That didn't last long as my brother asked for money again. So I am overdrawn again as direct debits came out and I paid contactless for the DVDs. Should have left it alone. Fortune Faded- Rchp

 I have a DVD from Girl Girl Sex 229. Amateur teen lesbian. Something different to what I had before. You might also like Nebraska Coeds. Season 2 of The Flash was good. The box set is on eBay now. 

From around 3am to 7 maybe my mum had been shouting/asking if I was OK also replying too. It is stupid and pointless. Keeps me awake. I lose sleep and wake up early. I don't have the ear plugs. 

I was in a deep sleep. Dreamt that I was in a village and an alien invasion took place. There was a glow around anyone infected. A couple had joined the car share. A soldier was in the front. A black man sat in the back. I  was viewing things as him. Flicking through a magazine which had photoshoots of models. One female had a penis superimposed onto her. The black guy takes his shirt off and does push ups. It is to impress the woman. In another scene. I am sat watching TV with this white male. Missed some show that was on and I wanted to figure out the actress's name. I was later in a field with a variety of people including Tim Curry and Halle Berry, talking about a show. Earlier I was in the final episode and the landlord who was similar to Frasier Crane got the tenants to talk over the phone to lost loved ones. Emotional. I suggested in the field that the landlord may have been sent by God to do some work here. The show was a comedy drama on ch4. The song Angels by Robbie Williams was sung briefly. Previously I was on some bus or coach which I was staying in. I had spoken to my cousin and she had played Wonder Woman but it was only in a commercial. I overslept the alarm or it just didn't work. I thought I had entered the time wrong because it was going to go off at 12 and not 11am. My mum had said something about me not being alright. She is schizophrenic. 

Customers being moody like the girl in pink. Told me to keep the change. Called her boyfriend a dick. Good luck to him. I don't care what problems you have. Use some fucking manners. If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one.  
Dodgy guys coming to the till then not buying anything. People making a mess. Dumping items on random shelves. Too much to tidy. Duality-Slipknot
I did learn that Natasha Wright has been locked away for 14 weeks. Served the bitch right. "This is what you get if you mess with us" "You do it to yourself you do and that's why it really hurts" I might try and ring the local radio station and request a song for her. I did serve the handsome guy with a designer beard and green blue eyes. He has two kids, one is deaf.

At the gym. Nice tits on the blonde in blue top doing lunges.

X Ambassadors - Renegades

The blonde fat or pregnant woman was in a foul mood. Having a go at her daughter. Swearing in the shop. Slagging off the father. Told off the younger one for dropping the money. Something about being punched in the stomach. Out of order. If only Jeremy Kyle was here. The cunt Jolene was in the shop yesterday and again today. I hadn't seen her this time. This older woman wanted a ecig flavour. The Strawberry once in a medium. Did not find it and was rummaging through it whilst a queue built up. As I had said before some people in Loughborough don't know how to say please or thankyou. There is just chaos in store. Once the General Manager gets back there will be a sense of order. A 30 year old woman that looked young was wound up about being asked for ID. Just doing my job. Calm down. Nice legs though. Why use the headphones when I am talking to you? The impatient man said he'd given me £2 instead of the £1 that I inputed. The receipt had been flung to the side and that's why I couldn't find it. If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one. The shouty woman was back in store without the kids and was calm. She wore a tiara. Good luck to the groom and kids. I may have met her before when working for Pulse. So there was a report on the town security radio of a large build mixed race woman following pensioners around trying to grab their belongings. She was wearing beige clothing and had two bags. She may be out again. The internet connection is shoddy thanks to Samsung and Vodafone. I am watching Ghost In The Shell starring Scarlett Johansson. Based on the Anime/Manga. It has been accused of whitewashing. You might also like RoboCop, Chappie, The Machine, The Terminator, Humans, Transcendent, Source Code, Blade Runner. Set in the far future. In Japan. Stunning visuals. Fucking have to listen to this talk about sending a fucking email. Either send it or don't. Wasting my time. My Mick Blue listing was removed. I knew that I should not have added anything to it. The seller that sold that Michael Jackson DVD has listed copies on eBay. Why the fuck do people do that? I served a beautiful woman is feline like eyes. Also a lady named Magda is hot she has a pretty, teen daughter. One teenage lad was topless. It is hot outside but come on. I am watching Guardians. A Russian SciFi DVD. Subtitled and dubbed. Had mistaken it for Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 and I'm not the only one. Interesting opening song. I see what reviews meant about the subtitles. What happened to white text on black background like Bollywood used to do? With these films I like to hear the language spoken. Soviet supersoldiers have been created. If you like The Avengers then this is for you. There was this good film about an enhanced car. The woman in charge of the mission is hot, Major Elena Larina. By the way you should see a spoof video on YouTube called Russian X-Men. Kseniya is attractive too. I'm not sure what is going on as I am texting. Plus the subtitles are illegible. Music ain't bad. I have gone back to the title menu and selected the dubbed version. Pointless film wasted my time and money. thought it was an escort service page. I find this page of a hot girl named Beth Leech. The Beautique Salon in Loughborough had been broken into. Louise a staff member is very attractive. Tanned, brown eyes, brown hair with lots of volume. Has the fake lashes or curled onces she has done herself. arsebandit Fucking having to sort your shit out when you should have done it yourself and not over think things. It is difficult to find a decent woman on Fab when they all seem to be fussy about race. Not that I would fuck the racist ones anyhow. Eg RandJ also see Leicscuple And also please no coloured guys. Not racist just prefernce. Yeah, sure you're not. We are looking for white single w/e men only (no black or Asian men please! Not being funny just our preference) YummyAbc no one is laughing. She prefers white guys with muscles and big cocks who know how to please a lady. The irony of being called Newhorizons. White men only, sorry thats my preference. MissK I dreamt that I was homeless or pretending to be. Was at a hostel and food was being served. I went to toilet but something was wrong. I remember climbing over these steps and other obstacles. Some had traps. Tom Cruise was here but overweight. Lauren Southern the altright bellend was about. Message from EBay, they removed a listing of mine. Hello solitarymaninblack, We've determined that some of your listings haven't followed our Adult Material policy. We previously informed you about our policy, so, we've taken the following actions on your account: - Selling privileges have been temporarily restricted. You won't be able to list new items or revise active items for 1 day. You're also not allowed to register a new account during this time. - Listings that didn't follow our policies have been removed. A full list of removed item(s) is available further down in this email. - Any fees for listings that were ended early because of not following policy won't be credited to your account. Most sexually oriented adult material is not allowed on eBay. This includes most magazines and books that contain adult or sexually oriented adult material. I may have passed two burglary suspects. The crime happened at 4:30am. I was passing two men on the road around 4am. I wasn't suspicious. Did not know about the incident until days later. That rude Rachel Masciwiz or whatever was in again. Answering "nooo" in a rude manner. Cunt you say no thanks. I am going to slap her next time. "I got 99 problems being a bitch ain't one."

I have no money as my brother had been borrowing it from me. "Y'all gonna make me lose my mind up in here" I am watching The Flash season 2. Might see the next one. Selling it online. Dumb fucks going on about Obama during Hurricane Katrina. Trump Supporters for you. #nowplaying American Idiot - Greenday

Friday, 25 August 2017

Feel - Robbie Williams

Jessie King Jessie King @justjessieking · 17 Aug A massive congratulations to my boyfriend Danny Clark for getting into Loughborough University. Couldn't be more proud of him!

 Siรขn @sianjlx_ · 17 Aug IM GOING TO LOUGHBOROUGH OMGGGGGGGG WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LucyWhitaker LucyWhitaker @LucWhitaker · 17 Aug I've got into Loughborough literally so happy right now ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


Some hot women mentioning Loughborough. I forgot to mention that this old European lady wasn't aware of the two painkillers rule in retail abs insisted on having another. My mum is talking to herself at 3:22am. At the Loughborough Library two older men were talking loudly. One kept mentioning Jesus. On the other end a man was on his phone. I did record them but would need to upgrade on SoundCloud to upload them. I am selling porn DVDs amongst other items. Angela Eley is off on one. Verity Ann is an attractive woman. Facebook posts about two range rovers parked on a graveyard. What should have happened was the shoplifter going onto the road just as a truck is coming round the corner. I would then pick up the basket and go back to work.

This woman named Abbie is pretty with nice tits.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

We will kill the breathe of bangarang - DJs from Mars

Ip Man 2. Nice opening theme. Now set a year or so later in Hong Kong. I am expecting a Bruce Lee cameo. Humbling storyline. The interviews in the 1st film were respectful. Sammo Hung directed the first film. He is a Master in this film. A few familiar faces return. Jin is a different man. Plenty of bonus features. I have just watched LIFE starring Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson, Jake Gyllenhaal. A SciFi horror that is Alien meets Gravity. Surprises and twists are in store. The crew of the ISS have found a new lifeform. What seems to be friendly becomes a nightmare. "In space no one can hear you scream" You might like Alien Covenant out this year. The music, effects and acting are good. Worth seeing the online discussions. Bonus features included. On Weds I queued as I would give the SAS info to a colleague and the woman behind me went to the dump bin and grabbed a water bottle and got served before me. I was in Subway yesterday and was there first. No staff member at the counter and two chaps went and got served before me when someone was called. No consideration or corteousy. I did serve this tanned brunette mild in the shop. I heard the stoned shoplifter was back in the day before. One till not working. I get asked for more money. Going to the bank was pointless. The Vanquis reps were out again. I am not interested in signing up with them. I may have mentioned that Blocked called me, 0191 671 9923 and another from Sheffield 01142996594. My mum talking to herself. I got asked to come into work early as someone had called in sick. The individual had been out drinking last night. Leaving the Assistant Manager to do the delivery on her own. It had a knock on effect. The change order wasn't collected and we were low. One till was out of action. It rained and was sunny in intervals. So much stock on the floor. Long queues. People paying with notes. A shoplifter was deterred as he saw the queue. It would mean lots of witnesses. Long conversations between staff and customers. Not meant to happen if on till. At the gym there is this black haired girl in black kit. Nice breasts from the view I got. Some brunette with glasses in blue leggings with a nice arse. The usual hot slim blondes are here. Special mention to the brunette in black with the nice eyes. The tall brunette with nice arse and tanned blonde with v neck top. I an watching Get Out by Blumhouse Pictures. You can imagine it being Guess Who's Coming To Dinner with a sinister twist. Chris is a an African American guy invited to his white girlfriend's home. He is going to Meet The Parents. Stars Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams. Cert 15. Written and directed by Jordan Peale. Uncomfortable and awkward in places. Horror thriller. A great cast of actors. I will look at online reviews. Check out Dear White People. Reminded of Stepford Wives, Surrogates, Self/Less, Hostel. Creepy. Is it Obama or Trump's America that they are satirizing. White privilege. Allison Williams is pretty. I liked the violence. How stupid are cretins calling it anti white. 01487829194 left me a muffled voicemail. Don't bother with it. I am watching Personal Shopper. A European film starring Kristen Stewart. An American lives in Paris. She works in retail and is a medium. Her twin brother had died and she is wanting to make contact with him. I did see two trailers for Neon Demon and Love Witch. Attractive actresses in both films. Cert 15. 2017. Surprised to see Kristen topless. Nice tits. She may have been influenced by Jodie Foster with her acting. She starred with her as a child in Panic Room. I had fallen asleep as I was working a shift from 4am till noon. Always happens if I try to watch a film afterwards. Slow paced indie flick. Interesting special effects. Now something happened. I have to use the zoom function to see the text that she gets. There is a good song that plays as she travels on the moped. I will look up the reviews and discussions online. Somethings mentioned about an artist painting before her time and a seance. I may look into it. This film won an award. Fuck what was the point? I dreamt that I was in some workplace. The song "Feel" by Robbie Williams plays and I can connect with it. I watched a programme on the left and right argue over immigration. I placed some coats on chairs. I was walking home with this chap from Nottingham. He was living not far from the church. He almost got run over. Some woman who was in the queue was going to jump it but there were people in front of her. I am watching season 2 of The Flash. I will be listing it on eBay. Very good condition. Watched once. The guys delivering the cages were a few hours late. That has a knock on effect. A shoplifter was in the store and the supervisor asked me why I hadn't three belled. I was busy with customers. I followed her around. Management should have been doing that. She kept spilling her alcohol which was in her cups. I mopped up after her. It was obvious she would leave without paying. A guy asked me about some items if they were in the back. May have been innocent or a ruse. She left with the basket and was being an absolute cunt. Telling me to fuck off and pushing me. Idle threats, sob stories. I should have battered her. Thanks to the Rushes security guard for helping me get the basket back. Jolene is her name. Management should have followed her outside. She went to other stores. She actually threw a bottle onto the road. I went and apologized to the staff in other places. It was her fault. Jolene Laing is her name. I'll forgive and forget her and the other criminals but they are going to have to die early. As I wouldn't be leaving early I couldn't take my mum for her injection which she tells me at the last minute. My brother sent me a text. He was meant to do it. I am not going through this shit again. 99 Problems-Jay Z, Hyper Music-Muse, Duality-Slipknot, One Step Closer-Linkin Park, DMX-Party Up, Karma Police/Just- Radiohead My manager texts me "Thank you for this morning and getting the stock back, but please please never put yourself at risk, your health and well being is my priority and more important than a basket of stock. Stock can be replaced, you can't. You are a star Kishore! Thank you :)" I reply with "It's just that management did want her stopped. I would have been given a lecture about the stock loss. She just wasn't deterred by staff following her. Jolene Laing is her name. What should have happened was that a member of management could have asked her to leave and or go after her instead of me. I had to act quick. Either way these shoplifters bought it on themselves. Hopefully the courts give them tougher sentences. There is one article on her from 2011. I had been told that are jobs would be on the line if we can't prevent these thefts from happening. Head Office could have us replaced. I apologise for the rant. It wasn't a good day especially with the late delivery too. " Why is it when I am at the gym there is some impatient person wanting to use the equipment that I am on? I already said that I was using the bar. Must stop being nice. The other chap could have used the other Squats area as I still had deadlifts to do. Put me off doing the exercise. There was the odd nice girl here though. A blonde in purple T-shirt and black leggings with a nice ass also this blonde in white and grey, lovely bum. I broke my water bottle as I dropped a dumbbell on it. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Subject: Weeky Starbuys at Superdrug Weeky Starbuys at Superdrug Dear Affiliates, Take a look at the latest starbuys and deals this week at Superdrug! Star Buy! 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Barry M Glitter Glue and Primer Tube 10ml Treat Thursday! 20% off on selected Beauty Electricals!+20%25+off+on+selected+Beauty+Electricals Happy Promoting

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Rat In A Cage - Smashing Pumpkins

I did have a weird dream that the Shelthorpe part of Loughborough was bring demolished. The residents would be moved to the centre of town. It was to bring people closer together. Some were not happy about it. In a previous dream. Jamaica was in darkness. Until someone someone switched a light on. A Guide had leapt across a canyon. Going to lower levels across the way. There was a river at the bottom in a section. Others were happy to swim there and fetch the food from the bottom but I was afraid of drowning. I went to the barbeque for my cousin and brother's girlfriend. Drinks were mainly alcohol. Met some new people. My brother was expecting more money for the birthday cards. I have lent him enough as it is. I uploaded more tracks to and downloaded some from Some guy I knew was dodgy tried using an invalid £5 note. He came back with a proper one. It wasn't coincidence that a couple tried to use a paper note. The girl was "what? It's legal tender" You'll find that it no longer is. That cunt in the red jacket was back with his mate in grey. I hadn't spotted them at first and they had taken something. I didn't have the radio and would hope that someone would have put out a call. I brother asked for some money but I have nothing. Not sending another penny. The council ringing up again. The social worker is dealing with this shit now. The assistant manager has to confuse things thinking that I was in tomorrow. No one is sorting the change order quick enough. 99 Problems - Jay Z. This hot blonde in blue vest and grey leggings with a nice ass at the gym. Saw this pretty blonde in pink T-shirt and her friend in black. At Puregym Loughborough. I had perfect opportunities to take a photo as it would last longer. I did see now this gorgeous tanned teen blonde in a grey kit. Very nice body. My youngest brother was talking about his bloody trips again. I dreamt that I worked at a wedding and spoke to some familiar faces. Things went wrong. The council hadn't set up the direct debit. Invoices not being paid. I have to fanny around with those cunts again. The cheque book is elsewhere. I can't do fuck all about it. James Alex Fields is a spanner like the rest of the far/alt right. American Idiot-Greenday/Killing In The Name-RATM

I had done the ahit needed but Mum was far too slow. Also standing in the way. I didn't get the council email correctly spelt. Late for the doctors. It rained and was busy everywhere. They haven't emailed the invoices. I got a call from 01916719923. Read the comments online. Just PPI. I walked past this hot blonde in a white blouse on Meadow Lane.

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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Never Break A Promise - Hans Zimmer


 I saw a customer shaking her head. I had accidentally pressed the card function and waited for it to cancel. She should have presented the money properly. Nob. Some woman believed that this guy had nicked something. Tell the manager. Did she actually see him do it? Naz a colleague takes her time getting to the till. It is obvious there is a queue. Fuck my life. Management need to do their job properly. Some people need manners. Give eye contact. Others need to know what the fuck they are looking for. I have been asked to work the delivery. A woman said that the sign writer needed shooting as 'Ladie's Deos didn't need an apostrophe' I did serve this Asian girl with nice tits. The busty one from McDonalds was in with her cleavage on show. I have an interview next week. The eBay payment was finally made. In Stockport a woman was shot in the vagina in a sex game gone wrong- Kids are being made to sell drugs in Leicestershire. Felbrigg Hall volunteers not wanting to wear the Lgbtq badge. My brother is talking again. Can't be arsed. Fab is a waste of time. The women are picky. I could message someone. Here is a pick of a woman that only prefers white guys. The silver painted mime artist from Loughborough. Hi to the residents of 22 Carrington St. They were spoken about in the Echo. Drug dealer Takavada Zinyoro was probably working as a rent boy. You've Got A Friend charity single. Snowflakes board the outrage bus A guy got kicked out of the Bell Foundry pub. I belled twice and Naz hadn't come. Some guy stood outside with his wife chatting about something being foreign. Doing something in China. Casual racism in Loughborough. Not sure who they were waiting for. Today this blonde woman was waiting in the queue. Behind her tanned friend. I offered SAS. Then the cunt goes "come on, I've got a test" and dumps her stuff in her friends basket. Who then pays for it. Talk about impatient. Irrelevant and obnoxious 40something. Deserves a slap. 99 Problems - Jay Z. I saw this tanned brunette with tight shorts which showed off her butt cheeks sneaking out from the bottom. The shoplifter Nat Wrong approached my colleagues on her night out talking about how she is innocent. Just search Natasha Louise Right. Hyper Music - Muse. Again my brother asks for money and was wanting some money contributing to a birthday. Not my problem. Slipknot-Duality I have let it go. I having watching mainly lesbian scenes. This Sophie on Naked Attraction has nice tits as does the kidnap model Chloe Ayling. Well I think that I fucked that up. Short interview. Could have sold myself better. Two shoplifters were in. Trying to distract the staff. White middle aged men. One bold with a beard in a red coat and green cap and another with grey hair and clothing with black cap. Something was taken. The supervisor went into the office. Maybe viewing CCTV or on the radio. I had to watch them both. They were stoned. I had served a young lady the other day that looked like Heidi Klum. The Rochdale victim going on about this current child grooming scandal being a generational thing like it is part of the culture. Ch4 News. I exprct the ignorance to feed through on here and twitter. It is white supremacy, scapegoating and colonialism. Mansplaining is a sexist term that some idiot came up with. Mind you these anti feminists are just on the alt right. Nothing wrong with being a social justice warrior. I have just seen this busty blonde. Nice cleavage from up here. There is a tanned toned dark haired girl in black kit and green leggings. 01639617415 Neath called me. Some scam. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Date: 4 Aug 2017 2:16 p.m. Subject: New Arrivals | Dickies | HUF | Stance | Champion Hello all, Its been a wild week for new deliveries. We've had a ton of new styles, all of which you can view here :: I have also created an image bank for this weeks arrivals which you can access on the move via this link :: As always you can manage your links below. If you have any questions about our programme please do let me know asap. Dashboard ---> Thanks!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Timbaland-Morning After Dark

 The tanned blonde is back. Black and purple kit. Nice body, pretty to. The tall blonde in the Flack Fitness top has a nice arse.

This man wearing 8 watches that is 4 on each arm thought that the carrier bags were free. He said they should be but by law we have to charge 5p. He was a few pence short off the total. I had seen a someone with glasses and stubble. Called this person sir but had then realised as I look at the breasts and bag that it was a mtf transsexual. Ah well nevermind. I can't seem to use apps due to lack of memory. I have rented films that I watched before. I served this teen that had nice tits. She was quite young though. My colleague Kirah with her cleavage on show. Which is nice. I dreamt that a former colleague was demanding £1000 and would use violence. He turns up at an event and the people love his t-shirt which reads Mobscene so they want to buy it. In another dream it was about going to a theme park. I had bought a pram and had a conversation on the highway. I was awoken by my brother shouting and my mum talking to herself. The house phone rung. Faithless-Insomnia At the gym is this pretty Asian/Spanish girl in pink sports bra and grey shorts. Nice body especially the tits. There is the slim brunette in black that I checked out. The brunette in grey doing skipping is alright. Saw a tall blonde doing lunges. There is the tall brunette with the big hair and lovely smile. I got a message from my brother. Thinking he needed his record of achievement book but he didn't need it. He was in the house. So it was pointless. I am getting late text messages which is what this was. Moronic snowflakes saying stupid things about Great Ormond Street Hospital A young man said to an OAP as she was trying to pass "you could have said excuse me" she did reply back. A middle aged woman in glasses had shortchanged and said you can keep the penny. But a man later on paid a bit too much and left. So the till would be up. Same old keyboard warriors going on about the supporters of #blacklivesmatter to them their lives don't matter. Fight The Power-Public Enemy Killing In The Name-Rage Against The Machine £30k Gmb comp Pho box 7558 de1 0nq bv829 PIN is 4751 for "034-Anal Office Cock up/Sex Pose Dogging" Master Right wing keyboard warriors like Paul Joseph Watson, Ann Coulter, Katie Hopkins need putting down. Relax snowflake there is no such thing as white genocide. I'm not sure who Mark Dice is but his followers seem retarded. Those who are liberal are progressive. The other type are just backward. So a staff member called in sick and the supervisor was on one. I couldn't stand her whining. Slagging people off and I got a lecture for saying something. Can't be turning against each other as we are a team. My mum continues to talk to herself. I am planning on going to Leicester. My headphones are fucked. Thanks Poundworld. I was at the Loughborough railway station and some kids were listening to music on the iPad. Rnb or hiphop playing loud. WiFi is shit as I am trying to download my ebooks. I have sold to items on eBay and will list more. Two gay guys at the spa. One Indian and the other Chinese. Very camp and sassy. Wicked sense of humour. Old gay guys following you around and not maintaining an erection. Not attracted to these people. Poundland and Post Office (WHSmiths) were chaotic. Self service checkouts and very few staff. Nipped into Savers and Boots. The chap that I spoke to in the library I had to help this guy find a road. He had Google maps and should have been able to use it. The Hugo Boss thief was back in the shop. He'll get stabbed next time. The supervisor Jade is an arsehole. Moan about one thing and not care about others. My brother is talking about stuff I don't give a shit about. He clearly needs to think for himself. Some pretentious dance performance called Human Furniture and Breathing Line. He takes half hour to get to the point goes through every detail and fusses over the smallest shit whilst repeating himself. Even an hour it seems like a lifetime. I need a shotgun. My colleague Rachel is like him. The irony of him complaining about others bring annoying. Two different versions of each sentence in his statement. Still sending me texts. Discussed it already. Repeating the same question. You don't need to discuss everything that you have done. Man up. I am going to have to kill soon. No wonder people don't want to spend time with you. I dreamt that the management had organised a gangbang and I was not lucky to get involved. I had put her lady's £20 note on the till as she made an enquiry. I told her where it was. She goes "talk about leaving it" a mature man I had asked if he wanted a bag. At the door he said "you didn't ask if I wanted a bag. You assumed I wanted one." All for 5p, what a dickhead. My colleague Kirah saying "look at you in your black shirt" not sure what that was about. I am in uniform so she is just being a bellend. Her ex boyfriend was in the shop with his current girlfriend and their child. I can understand why he dumped her. I won't take any notice. I have nothing to apologise for. One Step Closer/99 Problems From "To be fair, look at ITV's daytime target audience. 1) The unemployed/unemployable 2) Students 3) Diazepam injecting housewives 4) The elderly 5) Poofs/Judge/Frank 6) Phil fucking Schofield's Mam 7) The depressed 8) Salesmen in Curry's 9) People with no arms or legs 10) Glue sniffing, dirty little cottagers eg Spunkers. With an audience of cunts like that to play to, why fucking try? So, they do reports on what factor sun- cream has fewest calories, which cucumber works best with skinny jeans, a serious interview with a rape victim. Then an orange poof will review Hollyoakes, an over the top big-titted black lady with a shit regional accent will introduce a vox pops section on the price of cheese. This is why God gave us the internet. So we could watch porn." From my twitter feed... Gobble my cock and swallow my cum (link: (link: #ff #followback The Man Comes Around @SolitaryMInBlk·4m #999whatsyouremergency those right wing brexiters in denial that racism exists. That's what happened at the time of recording. #snowflakes The Man Comes Around @SolitaryMInBlk·11m #999WhatsYourEmergency Ibby hurting the #Adhd guy for being racist Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J The Man Comes Around @SolitaryMInBlk·14m #999WhatsYourEmergency The little girl was amazing. Maya Angelou - Still I Rise #Thisgirlcan (link: 1 The Man Comes Around @SolitaryMInBlk·19m #999WhatsYourEmergency I hope they had a word with the boy's parents. It could have been another Thompson/Venables. The Man Comes Around @SolitaryMInBlk·25m #999WhatsYourEmergency Mackay probably wanted to fuck this white woman and out of jealousy sent her the messages. The big spastic. You Retweeted Lucy @xMissLucy·36m #999whatsyouremergency All the poor white people complaining that it's not fair because it's showing one sided racism.. ๐Ÿ˜ก get a grip!! 1 1 4 The Man Comes Around @SolitaryMInBlk·39m #999WhatsYourEmergency Sophie making excuses for her behavior like those far right nutjobs. 1 STP Klosr - Linkin Park Hyper Music - Muse Nice pics shame about the racism. I may have mentioned this fuckwit before. 'im sorry I really dont go with bold men or Indian or black men I do have mates that are black so dont say I am raciest im not just what I like'