Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Nina Simone - Baltimore

I hadn't heard of Soulcycle or Equinox before. The CEO is starting a fundraiser for Trump.
This woman hates Nike and Kaepernick.

If you are boycotting Equinox and Soulcyle because of Trump then check out Peleton.

This Indian lad with glasses on seemed to be on something. Quite loud. Wanting the Oral B Pro650. He asks someone to get the adapter for him too. Which a staff member and grab on behalf of the customer. "Peace out" as he leaves. Cringeworthy.

The painter that I mentioned regarding 70p doesn't talk. The short mixed raced builder. He asked about my colleague. Says she is fit and whether she is single.

What a cunt. Webmasters

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Gotta love misandry. Clearly has trust issues.

I wanna be a cowboy, baby.
I did watch Avengers Endgame online but it would buffer near the good part. I saw this dead cat on the pavement. There were people with charity donation buckets. A few men together pulling a truck.

For the soundtrack, film, anime and more... Alita Battle Angel
Clout Chaser
White supremacist hates feminists
The guy should not be using his phone on the road. That woman is a bitch, wants to harrass poc.

 Onlyfans Only good for a wank. She is a nutjob. I got 99 problems, being a bitch ain't one. White fragility over a cartoon. Racist
Testing his white privilege. Bottled out of causing a massacre. Trump supporters have no compassion.

I was to do the guttering but there was minor difficulty. It rained and I was missing this pole which slots into the ladder. I went to the Mela. Not many people or things set up there. Mostly due to the weather. At the food stall, seems people don't know how to queue. This woman that went to school with my brother came forward. Asked if this was the queue. This mature lady went over to the section where the other guy was working and ordered. They seemed to have forgotten about her. I was before her anyway. Entertainment seemed cringeworthy.

At Puregym there is this fit young brunette in grey leggings and green sports bra. Very nice arse. I see that there is a weight sled, which you can push and pull. The weight is awkward to take off as the mature man with glasses put them there in the first place. At the library I was waiting to be served and thses two girls go to the desk. One kept looking at me. I thought that they were with the man getting served. I don't just stand there looking like a twat. People should be taught how to queue. This Asian woman with glasses is busy looking at her phone and could have bumped into me. This blonde woman had enough space on the pavement. A cyclist was passing by and she was almost in my path.
https://who-called.co.uk/Number/07547282611 called me today. I didn't answer. The phone charger is playing up.

I had this dream where I went to work for an agency. I would travel by bus to this town then walk to the area. I dealt with a variety of people.

US is a film by Jordan Peele. Cert 15. Horror. Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke, Elizabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker. There are bonus features. The soundtrack is interesting. You get a scene from 1989. A young girl wanders off on a beach and goes into this haunted house ride. She is in for a shock. Present day. A young family are on vacation. They are back in Santa Cruz. Spending time with their neighbours. One night the family encounter their doppelgangers. There are scenes where characters dilly dally about. It is original. Has it's scares. I liked Get Out. Two of the cast were in Black BTPanther. There is a twist along the way. Props to all the cast as they play two versions of the characters. There are trivia and discussions. It is worth watching again. You may have seen Insidious, The Strangers, The Purge, Sinister, The Happening, Signs, The Sixth Sense. Lupita looks pretty as do the twin
. Especially the one in the bikini. Some may be asking questions.

Not a nice individual. Her husband works for a fake news network.  Never understood why Tony Posnaski is always swearing at people. May just Unfollowed him. Reddit discussion of US goes overboard.
Looks good. Follower count will go up.

Feminism is not an attack on men. You are an Uncle Tom. Pathetic comments hating on Brie Larson and feminism. A made up article. Racist right wing bot account.
I did the guttering. Painted the sealant on the underside. My ladder is only 5.35m tall. Sometimes the liquid would drip off the brush. I was getting splattered by it. The satellite dish was in the way. I had to manoeuvre the ladder so I could reach the top. Where the lounge window is, it sticks out. So the ladder was at an odd angle.

My poppers weren't working. I no longer will be buying them. My phone not fully charged was going to run out of power.

I had another call from this number.

Macy Castleman and Jayde Landers.

 @kthopkins and @milesyUTV use any excuse to blame Islam. This Gert Wilders bloke is a moron.

My mum talking to herself. It is after 11pm. Repeating phrases. I have a slight headache that would be from the poppers.

I did see this tweet about a trans person with autism that suffering from social anxiety. Many people in the replies. Worth a follow. https://mobile.twitter.com/thegoodlea/status/1160983807715098624

Amazon Japan closed my associate account a few days after I had applied. It isn't worth it.
  • Amazonアソシエイト・プログラムにお申込みいただき、ありがとうございます。 





    2. お申し込みのURLに入力誤りがあるのでサイトを確認できない、または他者(社)が運営するWebサイトやURLでのお申し込みの場合 

    3. Webサイトに閲覧規制がなされており、内容を拝見できない、または閲覧規制をかけているコンテンツを含むWebサイトでお申込みのため審査が行えない場合 

    4. お申し込みフォームにご登録の住所、氏名、電話番号が正しくない場合 

    5. Webサイトのドメイン名の中に、「amazon」「javari」「kindle」やその変形、またはスペルミスを含んでいる場合 

    6. 知的財産権を侵害している場合 

    7. 露骨な性描写がある場合 

    8. 未成年の方のお申し込み 






There is the smell of turps. I used a lot to clean myself and the equipment. I saw this video of Whitney Cummings interview on Kimmel. See the comments. I didn't know what she was like and I follow her on Twitter.

They might be attractive on the outside. Blondie resembles Taylor Swift. Caucasity and white privilege. Ukip bots.

You have this feminist with a nice rack.

All You Fascists-Billy Bragg

 Amazing interview.

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Bad Guy - Leo Moracchioli

I had this dream where vampires lived amongst humans. At one point a guy was going to be converted. A girl was yelling out no to it happening and was attacked. There were many more details but I deem to forget. In a previous one the Ghostrider was present. He used his chain to destroy an enemy. 
Billie Eilish

The delivery was late. They then spent 45 minutes doing something with the trailer. Luckily we only had five cages but it was taking the piss. The blonde that I saw at NatWest is hot. At 2:11am I heard the sound of thunder. It rained heavily. The skies flashed frequently. It is now hot and sunny. I found this radio website which links to international stations. Started off in Toronto, next to GTA podcasts. Then Hawaii, Nevada, there was an interview with Frank Dukes. Am Indian station playing Indie rock. Couldn't get the Korean one working.  Stopped to listen to chilled out music in Japan.

Dodgy guy came into the store. He was clearly up to something. I should not have hesitated. I could have immediately rang 3 bells. I was facing where the manager was. I was to call her over and point to the aisle. He has most likely taken something. I should not be worried if he kicks off. If he was innocent he would not act in such a way. Slim build, stubble, dark top and jeans, wore a flat cap. White male in his 40s. I reported him on the radio. Faster reaction time, no being a pussy.

I had a call from what could be scammers. 07938 536820 I did not answer. See the comments people have left.
You're the bad guy

Run Barry Run

I recommend that you see this show. I am watching it now.
It is a hot day, the window is open. For 15 minutes on and off I hear this child crying. Unsure of the age. Why as a parent can you not do your job?

Anyways, I am going to go to Nottingham for Gay Pride. Apparently the callers from these scam numbers swear at the "customer" I don't answer the call. Second time 07938 536820 called me. I hear a high pitched voice whining next door I assume.

Meg posted this image on Instagram and it got reported

Congratulations to the happy couple.

The delivery was running late so it was cancelled. It has been raining. No trains are running to Nottingham. I was at this bus stop where this pretty brunette was waiting. The bus was packed. I have purchased a Venom comic on my Kindle. It is nauseating. Some of the dialogue is cut off. It shows you the page an as you click next, you get each panel. Better off with an actual paper copy. I am looking out to the countryside. It all looks better in sunny weather. Fuck knows how it will be in the city. Gay Pride parade and stalls. Some guy had shut all the windows. It was a waste of time. Only a few stalls running along a street. Quite a lot of people to get through. This Playa club in the centre. Hot Asian lady at the door. A drag queen on stage telling shit jokes. Plenty of people with their rainbow flags. I went to the library and someone was pissing about. I could smell something foul. It was quiet. The Broadmarsh centre is being revamped. My brother was texting me nonsense. The goth chick in Tesco Express is hot. I considered buying some souvenirs. There are homeless and drug addicts around. I did see someone dressed as a Furry. I saw these Jehovah's Witnesses stood with their board. Doing their own thing. Wonder what they made of Pride.

What the fuck is wrong with some people?

A Bot The cunt behind this account needs a round

Salut s'il vous plaît jeter un oeil à la nouvelle chanson Slipknot #Solwayfirth

look inside Slipknot By Slipknot. Hal Leonard Guitar Recorded Versions. Metal. Guitar tablature songbook (softcover). With guitar tablature, standard notation, vocal melody, lyrics, chord names, guitar chord diagrams and guitar notation legend. 87 pages. Published by Hal Leonard (HL.690419).
look inside Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone By Slipknot. Guitar Recorded Version. Rock. Softcover. With guitar tablature. 128 pages. Published by Hal Leonard (HL.690973).
look inside Slipknot - .5: The Gray Chapter By Slipknot. Guitar Recorded Version. Metal, Rock. Softcover. With guitar tablature. 160 pages. Published by Hal Leonard (HL.139621).
look inside Billie Eilish - When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? By Billie Eilish. Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook. Pop. Softcover. 74 pages. Published by Hal Leonard (HL.295684).

Deranged fucks.

See how amazing Danielle looks.
It has been raining nonstop for a few hours. I would go gym but I was tired and put off by the weather.

This Joe Nocollussion person makes assumptions about the country that he has never been to. The security guard might have been sabotaging the proposal as she liked the black man. These suspects will get away with it.
It seems to have stopped raining. Armie Hammer's child sucking his toe. His wife calls it wrong yet films it.

Skip to 6:00 for the gorgeous blonde.

Sims 4 is like GTA.
The delivery according to the Manager she wanted it on Sunday. Well they added it to todays. Maybe as punishment. My colleague wanted to go through the bitty cages first. That plan would not work. I could have got more done. My young colleague was apparently in at 5am but comes in later. I don't know why she wasn't feeling well. Problems at home or still suffering after that car accident. She has a small break. My other colleague goes for a smoke. When we are unloading the cages they are working stock. The young one had to go and move her car. Was reluctant to go on till. Gets signed out earlier. Not very fair now. I was offered to be signed out but there was still our mess to be cleared and I wasn't going to leave it for others. The Deos could have been stacked properly instead of spread out. My button/clip in the trousers had broken so the flies would come undone. I went to get a pin but got yarn which I tied like a belt. I left a treat for the non delivery staff. I saw this teen brunette with curvy body. Nice big tits in this crop top. I passed that dodgy guy. Still wearing the same clothing. This little boy sprays a deodorant. No testers. His mum told him off.

My mum had been talking to herself all day it seems. My brother moans at her. It is after 11pm and she is still doing it. The poppers though still halfway in the bottle losing their effectiveness. You should see Little Miss Brat Perversions. Found another Uncle Tom 23:43 anf repetitive "jewra"

Ilhan Omar is more American than these dimwit conservative, Republican, white supremacists. She and #thesquad will #maga

Clearly a right wing agenda. Ignorant comments section too.

I had a call from 03335770018. According to the 118 it is a robocall if an insurance scam. I was half asleep so didn't answer.

The dream that I just had varies. Themes from Rambo and Terminator mashed up as Arnie and Sly were starring together. A ghost girl with weird eyes was asking these two guys questions. She wanted to see her dog. One guy pulls out a stuffed toy and she is fooled. In the behind the scenes we spoke about when the girl gets her face stroked. At second floor I would say. Some guys in blue clothing are sat together having lunch. Other folk are dropping off furniture etc. A new SKY office is being set up.
My employment is moved upstairs. Large steps lead down to a gate. My brother visits me and is in need of money. I go to this neighbourhood. I am going to a garden.

It is now raining in Loughborough. I still need to get the guttering done.

Some people making excuses in the replies.

It seems to be like that Taylor Kanye thing. These people are offended over a black man suing a white woman. Joyful Noise by Flame
Some girl was making it about Lil Nas X and NIN.
See the comments for Love Island.
Weird troll

The comments were pointing out the obvious.

The delivery was late. I rang transport. They gave an estimated time. Two other stores had already recieved their delivery. The security guy from head office calls again to verify that I am staff. A mature European woman was complaining to me about the change we had done. Moving around of stock. Apparently it is annoying. Some customers don't have the patience and we would lose business. It was down to Head Office having the refurbishment so take it up with them. 

A guy that my colleague knew had committed suicide by jumping off the building. Another local that was hit by a car had died in hospital. I found this Nicotinel security tag.  An Indian woman thought this item was cheaper. It wasn't. Who ever faced up of put the stock out put it in the wrong place. Facing hadn't been done. 

The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash

My brother asks to borrow £300 to cover bills. He already owes me money as it is.

Nice tits

Ronald Reagen or however you spelt it was just a regular Republican. Some twat on Twitter calls Leftists deranged. White people are dangerous.

Piss On Your Grave - The Coup

Surprising things I am finding out about Marianne Williamson. Some dumb tweet from a Republican about a Dem not running for President because he didn't put his hand over his heart for the national anthem. White tears over Meghan Markle. Homophobic replies to a loving lgbt tweet. I am a new follower. Mario Lopez's trans comments will be taken out of context. But why the fuck be interviewed by Candace Owens.

At the gym this pretty blonde was adjusting the bench. Tried moving it aswell. I would go help her if she asked.

I had to collect the store keys for the manager tomorrow. Some strange tattooed guy in blue was hovering around. Waiting for his lift I assume. May have been on something. I left early to make it to 6pm. I could have got some fast food and then come back. But I waited 20 minutes. It was sunny before. But now it has started to rain. I don't have my coat.

This is the new shit - Marilyn Manson
I am Kishore Mehta and I am a living legend.