Friday, 29 January 2016

Blood - Editors

The cancer suffering cockmunch sent me this;
Government schemes allow you to write off a high % of debt you cannot afford, reply HELP or go to for information. Or Stop to opt-out O2 numbers sent same text ‭+44 7734 290264‬, ‭+44 7730 456054‬.
HMRC, Berry and Temps Now Stafford don't seem to know what the fuck they are doing when it comes to tax codes and tax. More pressure at work. Gym was tiring. Gemma was just annoying me and customers it seems. Does she suffer from autism or some other problem. I mentioned that the Venus Swirl is 6 times more flexible. The student replied joking to her friend "how flexible do you have to be?" I deal with idiots from time to time. There are some stunners that come into the store. Tanned brunettes. One blonde with nice tits bought some eyeliner on Weds 3pm in Savers, Loughborough. Blood runs through our veins. That's where the similarity ends. The force awakens. My mother continued to talk to herself. Seeing Ideal channel segment on the Job Show. The bald presenter is loud and patronising. It is a career convention. I don't believe many will find the answers. Still waiting for money that I am owed. Useless that LA Fitness taking membership money for the month when they close early. Pretty, young blonde on cross trainer.

Watching a film called Zombie Night. Cert 18. Stars Daryl Hannah, Anthony Michael Hall, Shirley Jones, Alan Ruck. 5060920705083 2013 release from the director of Feast and Piranha 3DD. There is a zombie outbreak. Many survivors have gathered. A few people are stupid and not too good at acting or is it a Syfy Production? The people playing zombies are doing a great job. The old lady is annoying. I personally would have shot every character in this film so far. There is a fantastic book called Zombie Apocalypse. Low mortality rate. Rachel G Fox is tasty. Bonus features is shit.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Times Like These - Foo Fighters

‭+44 7753 331088‬ the yes card text me. I reply Stop. Let's home it stops there. So there was that young asian child with the suspicious looking clock and now one who made a spelling error 'terrorist house'. Shadiya Omar attractive as she is walks away from assault. Nice tits. As soon as my mother is back she is making noise again talking to herself. The office door was jammed. An engineer was called out. I tried to Jimmy the door but it would not budge. A fleece was stuck. In the end the manager took a big bar from the fire escape and smashed the small window. Glass was everywhere. A few bits landed in my bag. 'Jewro' constantly. I need the woman to shut up. I could become violent. Watching Date My Mum and blonde Katie is a milf. Ch4 show where the kids pick the boyfriend for the parent. It is slightly rubbish. There is a slim brunette mum that is nice. A blonde daughter in her 20s ia pretty. See the twitter comments. Down to one bitchass BT WiFi pass. Snibston Musuem on the news. Let it go, it has closed. More bullshit over SAS to follow, that is Savers Active Selling. It is a load of bollocks. Browser keeps stopping at times. Grainne McGuire, a writer and comedian. Probably a feminist too. Maybe not funny and not attractive. Chey having arguments over the phone just isn't a good thing. That money that I used at Classique was a waste. I thought that something would go wrong. There was a slight disagreement between customers. Shoplifters in store. A crying child knocks over the toilet roll stack. Jo gets uppity. Well if we have more items for me to have on display then it would work. I am not daft. Things just irritate me with work. I don't like Savers or Berry. I should just quit. Not sure why the stress. Just get on with the job and not think about it when at home or elsewhere. Babita Sharma is an attractive woman. She presents Island Stories. I watched Escape From Witch Mountain and Sara is nice. Filmed in 2009. She would be perfectly legal now in 2016. I was to go to the gym. Possibly interested in going to Celts Sauna if not Splash Spa. Have some sex with some guys. I'm focused on work but not going to dwell on it. Fuck you.
Some Muslim woman comes begging me for change. I gave her 10p but she asked what she could buy with that so in order for her to piss off I gave her another coin. Speaking in Arabic to me. How dare the asylum seeker/migrant woman have the ordasity to ask me for change. I hope that someone gives her the kicking of her life. I don't care if she has two children. She won't be getting anything else. I knew something or someone would annoy me. She deserves a kicking and then deportation. Got this £3 meal deal from Crenshaw or whatever. At the gym there was this blonde, her tits weren't bad and she wore a blue top training with her boyfriend. There was a slim brunette with nice arse and tits. Working out with her boyfriend too. Hearing some whiny rnb song "why can't we be like that?" These Capital FM presenters are full of the least interesting information ever. I have a blood test then following appointment to arrange. Try and fit it around work and when my mother isn't out. Time does drag to be honest.

At the library a ringtone kept saying "you have a message" but the owner did not answer it. Are people really that stupid? I was asked about coming into work as the DP called in sick and we were short staffed. These female youtubers are there for their nice tits/faces. All have annoying personalities even some guys too.

I am watching John Q starring Denzel Washington, James Woods, Anne Heche, Kimberly Elise, Ray Liotta. Cert 15 thriller. I have never seen it before. John is a working class family man. His son Michael falls seriously ill and requires a heart transplant. Unfortunately the insurance won't cover it and John takes desperate measures. Great acting especially from little Mike.

I revisted FALLEN. A supernatural crime drama with a great cast. You may like End Of Days, The Jack Nightingale Series. Denzel Washington, John Goodman. James Gandolfini, Donald Sutherland. Special mention goes to the extras and bit part actors involved. Detective John Hobbs has just seen a man put on death row. However the killings have not stopped. An entity is at work.

I am watching Safehouse starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. Check out impressions by Reggie Reg. Tobin Forest is a man carrying some important files. Some bad people are after him. Matt Warren is the housekeeper of a safehouse in South Africa. After security has been breached. Both men must help each other in order to survive. Good action scenes. Vera Farmiga also stars. Good film.

I am now watching The Seige. Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis take on terrorists. Twentieth Century Fox Pictures.

I have rented The Visit, a film by M Night Shyamalan. Produced by Jason Blum. Cert 15 horror about these kids that visit their grandparents. But something strange is going on. Found footage/POV style. The teenage daughter is making a documentary. You might like The Taking. A good cast of actors. The actresses playing the mother is attractive. The rapping was cringeworthy.

Sci-fi film from the makers of The Walking Dead. AIR starring Norman Reedus and Djimon Honsou as two engineers working in a facility which holds the future of mankind. Think of the Dharma Iniative from Lost. You might have seen Oblivion, The Divide, Cube, Lost, Castaway, Devil, Elevator, The Thing. Not much is happening. Set in a post apocalyptic world. There are many bases around the country. The guys are in suspended animation for six months then must carry out work. Breathable air is nonexistent. Special features are behind the scenes. Cert 12. It was a strange film. Not sure if I have wasted my time. The music is chilled out electronic. A claustrophobic thriller.

Looking through Empire Magazine there are several films to see. I may see Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds. Pride And Prejudice And Zombies is out next month. The book was excellent. There is a Guardians Of The Galaxy, Thor, X-Men sequel to happen in the next few years. They're making a Wonder Woman film. Black Panther is introduced to the world. Spider-Man has been reboot. Check out and Empire Magazine or online. There is Dawn Of Justice which I have been waiting for. The new Bourne film which I'm not sure if it will be interesting. Independence Day Resurgence on 24th June. Close to my birthday. It was near my cousin's birthday when we had gone to see the original.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Faith-Limp Bizkit

Message from ‭+44 7525 634823‬
Happy New Year Kishore, start 2016 with a £2000 card. 0% APR Rep Visit To optout txt STOP
I considered sending some links to that number.
I assumed this was the text that I was going to get. 'Hi, are you able to work at Leicester tigers this Saturday you will need to be at stadium at 4pm. Can you let us know either way ASAP'
Fucking horrendous illness. Not manflu just flu or something. Time to man up. It will go better. DVDs need dropping off at the library tomorrow. My brother hadn't watched all of them. Why do I need to receive IntuBroadmarsh, Patreon amongst other emails? The sites are useless. Watching Homes Under The Hammer and the brunette in a leather jacket is hot. I had a look at the link in the text. A site named couldn't get a video to play. Some software to download. Again called into work but I am not going. Ajit the married guy texts me again. Amazing animations from

Thursday, 14 January 2016


Horrible story from Burton On Trent

I felt like crap today. Took lemsip and went back to sleep. Had paracetamol later on. Served a gorgeous blonde and her hot brunette friend. The card machine was playing up. Met the girl working through the job centre. She is usually at the library. The dream I had this morning was where Hannah a former colleague was upset over something I had done. I had to avoid her. She later slept in my bed. I was in a primary school. Had two cups of coffee which I was to dispose of. I had taken them off a table where ladies were waiting to speak to MP Andy Reed. The toilets seemed to be closed off. I was playing this wooden instrument in the form of a keyboard. It was a korh/ableton pad. I placed metal items on it. A ball bearing went around and music was played. I think the chubby blonde with the New Look bag gave me a weird look after I offered her SAS. She was buying flavoured water. Anyhow moving on I was planning on going to Leicester at some point and maybe Club Classique. Watched Four In A Bed, the young daughter Heather was hot. The blonde girl from EastEnders, that lives above the Vic. She is on the One Show and looks alright. Seeing a best of Secret Millionaire episode. A fat supervisor visiting the appropriately named Fat Burger. Alan Rickman has passed away. He was a fine actor. Connie Ella's videos aren't that good but she is very attractive. Read the comments

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Enter Sandman- Metallica

7/1/16 In this dream I was at work. In the retail store. There was a manager that I had only just met. A tall brunette. She seemed a bit of a bitch. She had been there a few years. I rang for assistance whilst I served someone. I had been rearranging and restocking the shelves. I forget what the products were. I later find myself in the bar and a few bands will be performing. Many with a different line up. Muse perform first. Chris W wasn't there. A Chinese man possibly a studio musician was there instead. Dom was singing. Actually it was just miming. Matt Bellamy hung out with me and the gang. I mentioned how fans feel about Matt and David Tennant. A few European folk were collecting money from punters and they seemed dodgy. We all snuck away. I needed the toilet. One lady friend was going to go to another bar but we all went back to our hotel rooms. I snuck in the girl's place as to avoid the money collectors. I felt they may burgle us. Any that I saw I pretended to work. These empty boxes were being placed on the pallets. There was the bald guy watching his workers up in the corner. A blonde girl was part of the euro gang, wandering about.
The store closed down and relocated to Churchgate. It was smaller, less stock and few staff. There was a flat above for a girl that worked with us.
There was this heap of rubbish from McDonald's in the car park. Either the binmen hadn't done their job properly or that as the manager said people were rifling through the bins. #Cunts The staff came and cleared up the mess. I had to stay behind again. I was listening to a song when cunts from a marketing company called. ‭0800 612 2455‬. I couldn't be arsed to leave the house. The weather is nice. I get a call from Derby ‭01332 647042‬