Friday, 28 August 2020

Oh No - Grandson

Chayxmilan is a clown. Look at the other nonsense on her timeline.

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Some glitch happened with my last post. Two posts were fused and I had lost content. Not sure why.

Sally is a Karen. Just shows that white nationalists aren't intelligent.

Is this grown man grooming young girls?

Wednesday 26th August 2020 I had to remove all the drinks from the chiller. Asked by the assistant manager. Why wasn't it just done the day before if they were expecting a replacement? The fridge company didn't call back. I knew that an engineer would not turn up and then ai was having to put the drinks back in and the general manager called to just leave them in the basket. That key chain guy was in again and moans about the chiller. He lifts the veil/curtain. There is a sign up and the drinks were in the basket. That blonde tattooed shoplifter with 4 kids was in and I watched them. The daughter named Poppy threw a strop. So the woman left her and she did catch up with her. They were back in. I had alerted management so they do not steal. Some one left a £9.99 and £7.99 ticket belonging to the same sku. The product had gone up to £12.99. The customer was going to get two. But that would be taking the piss. As we would reduce one item as a goodwill gesture. The card didn't work. She went to the bank and never came back. A Kinchbus driver was waiting in the queue. He was asked to go to the next till. He said about the 2 metre social distancing and that there was this trolley in the way. This black/biracial woman goes "no" when offered sas. She didn't say a word after. She seemed miserable. Mind you after having met her mother the other time I understand where she gets it from. My brother comes in because of some stupid shit downloaded on his phone and he acts like it must be sorted now. The laminator was jammed. I put the paper in as normal. I remember this Asian woman nagging her husband. Some people really need to smile. The special needs woman with the woody woodpecker bag was asking about the laxitives. Apparently comes from a medical family so why are you asking me this. I couldn't find the screwdriver. Leslie is a bellend

Kyle is another Dylan Roof. The police went easy on him.
How is a murderer a hero?

Earlier this week....
The key chain wearing Asian guy in glasses wanted to swap his drink bottle that he got from the chiller. He left the queue and this woman with a pram came to my till and he moaned about her taking his spot. Other things did happen. I had written it down in detail but as there was a glitch and this site wasn't secure I had lost some content. My manager sent me to collect some items. I wanted to get the right ones and as one store didn't have it I went to another shop. I also had to get a tester strip for one of the fragrances. She asks "where did you go? Thought you'd got lost." I couldn't care less if she was joking. I didn't need to apologise. She can get the stuff herself. I was done with the delivery. This mature man wasn't social distancing behind me. A woman wearing headphones didn't say a word. There was the odd dodgy individual or some miserable/rude cunt. The poppers were shit. The new PT has nice tits.

Bailey Bell

Defund the BBC

Welcome to the Amber Lily show

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Want to see more? Join me at Do you want to know my dirty little secrets? Britain First storming a hotel hunting Migrants. Fascists.

She could collab with Jussie Smollett.
Onlyfans isn't just for porn. Lots of jealous people.

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How are you saying “abolish the police” in one breath and then saying “arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor” in the next? Words mean things. I want y’all to READ.

There was that glitch on yahoo and I kept getting taken to the inbox. I may need to clear things from my phone. Gentrification is always inevitable.

Shocked to hear that he passed. Chadwick Boseman was a great actor. See his movies.
This guy is stupid.

Love Don't Cost A Thing by Jennifer Lopez

This video was pulled from YouTube.

This is the last time that I will share these links

The irony of Turning Point saying this. Some idiot in the replies thinks that blm is racist.
Click here to visit Belle Lingerie Women sex toys 905x155 My brother wanting me the smell whatever it was near the boiler. There was nothing. I am watching this webinar on starting an online business. It could just be a waste of time. It was. Same shit usually. I fell asleep. Always a catch.

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World these folk protest for #blacklivesmatter? White people really are the worst.

Sasha Grey reminded me of a former colleague

Some of these Onlyfans profiles are disappointing.

My brother asking to do the flush after my mum used the loo. He even wastes toilet roll by putting a new one on. She leaves one of the landing lights on. My other brother probably hasn't paid me back.

I bet those people that made videos about Chadwick Boseman's weight loss look like clowns. There is always some pointless video of celebrities react to someone's death compilations.

Rafal Rocus in the comments posting a false narrative about Jacob Blake. 

Parents are fragile.

what is the guy on?

It is immature and unsafe.

Retarded like the #kbf twats in Trafalgar Square.
 I watched Bill and Ted face the music
It is the third and final instalment. Bringing some of the old cast together. There are cringeworthy moments. Whether the cast are trying too hard, some of the well known musicians from history or the two daughters. It is an entertaining film. I recommend that you see the old ones. Present day San Dimas. Bill and Ted are middle aged family men. They hadn't written the song that would unite mankind. All of reality is at stake. The guys will try and find a solution with use of the booth. I see some recasts. The princesses would be the same age but they are played by younger actors. Good special effects. Nice location. The daughters are pretty. The film is on streaming services but should get a cinema release later. Cast

Genres:  AdventureComedyMusicSci-Fi
Actors:  Keanu ReevesAlex WinterKristen Schaal
Directors:  Dean Parisot
Countries:  USACanadaItaly
Writers:  Chris MathesonEd Solomon
Runtime: 1h 28min
Release: 28 August 2020

People are superficial. He can do what he likes with his hair.
Michael Pion is a racist. Hopefully someone sorts him out.

My brother being lazy when it comes to the laundry.

That Mecharandom rightwing cunt appears in the search results.

Everyone has a choice Ian lives in Malaysia. One of his followers blaming BLM is misinformed.

Palm Springs  is romcom scifi film. Produced by Lonely Island and exclusive to Hulu. I rarely watch anything with Andy Samberg in it. It is a good film. With the concept of a time loop I was interested. Nyles is a young man living in Palm Springs. A wedding ceremony is to take place. You have a variety of characters. The maid of honour Sarah meets with him and they both would get stuck in a time loop. Interesting to see what the background is of this phenomenon. How long has Niles been reliving the day. This also had reminded me of The Wedding Singer. The soundtrack is OK. Cristina Milioti, JK Simmons, Tyler Hoechlin also star. 

It was cold and the radiator wasn't warming up. Well my brother had turned the dial down on the boiler. 
This hypospace game. Set in the 90s. Some youtubers named Lewis and Lydia who is annoying. Pop up ads on streaming sites, buffering or pirated movies. 

The lecturer was explaining himself. But anyway. Why stand there filming?
The antiblackness reeks out of this one.
This is what her profile reads:
Born in Vietnam. Raised in America.
Flag of United States
Loves everything abt Japan
Flag of Japan
Conservative, American, #MAGA. Abhors identity politics & 3rd wave feminism

False statement from a white supremacist.
She supports the klan. Making excuses. Plays the victim.
Paints a false narrative. Really thinks herself as being superior.

This guy is just weird

This girl is hot on the outside. She does have a dislike for Brie Larsson. All that nonsense people were posting. Right wing anti feminist trash on the channel. She follows Lauren Chen, Tim Pool, James Woods and Kirstie Alley and you know what their political beliefs are. I don't understand these antifeminist women. They are mostly antiblack too. A lot of jealousy over Brie Larsson. She hadn't done anything wrong. It were the same idiots that have sjw in their videos were mostly crying about Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Doctor Who, Batwoman. Bunch of pussies. All they want is to see straight white males all the time.

Hyper Music-Muse

This guy is big on cancel culture. Has to announce to the world that he will no longer watch sports. He did this twice before.

The racist should have been told to go back to wherever her ancestors were from.

An interesting conversation.
This woman is an Aunt Jemima
This woman might be attractive but her timeline is a mess....

Draino and this Jane woman comparing Isis, blm and Antifa together.

This guy is an arsehole for this comment.
This woman is attractive and people are hating on the guy because he is attracted to a white woman.

Disability discrimination
The grown adults that should know better need to be tagged. Expose them. 

Rob knew what he was doing. The white guy may have said something racist before. Paid actors perhaps.

The police are despicable. Killing In The Name
This is the woman that was offended over WAP. American Idiot is relevant

It wasn't just Screen Rant being disrespectful about Boseman's death. People make their reaction videos, others talk of the franchise, some go as far to have morgue or funeral footage.

Some guy did need to put his barbell away. Mind you I was in the way and he could have asked and a I would have moved. He just put it down nearby. He seemed a bit pissy. There is the hot blonde in black sports bra and green leggings.

The idiot that wrote this needs to be deported. The Native Americans own the land. It is a terrorist threat.
I watched Ready Or Not. A horror comedy. Gory violence. Good special effects and a great cast of actors. I only saw a minute of the trailer and decided that I wanted to see this. Pretty women. Samara does remind me of Margot Robbie. Interesting filming location. I have worked in venues like that. Imagine it like Downton Abbey meets The Purge. Grace has just married Alex. His family are very rich. On the wedding night there is a family custom where the newcomer must play a game. Unfortunately it is Hide And Seek. Grace must survive the night. Nice soundtrack. You should see this.

Samara Weaving as Grace Le Domas, Alex's young bride and wife
Adam Brody as Daniel Le Domas, Emilie and Alex's alcoholic brother, Charity's husband, Tony and Becky's son, and Helene and Charles' nephew
Etienne Kellici as young Daniel Le Domas
Mark O'Brien as Alex Le Domas, Grace's husband, Daniel and Emilie's brother, Helene and Charles' nephew, and Tony and Becky's son
Chase Churchill as young Alex Le Domas
Henry Czerny as Tony Le Domas, Daniel, Emilie and Alex's father, and Becky's husband
Andie MacDowell as Becky Le Domas, Daniel, Emilie and Alex's mother, and Tony's wife
Kate Ziegler as young Becky Le Domas
Melanie Scrofano as Emilie Le Domas-Bradley, Daniel and Alex's cocaine-addicted sister, Fitch's wife, Georgie and Gabe's mother, Tony and Becky's daughter, and Helene and Charles' niece
Kristian Bruun as Fitch Bradley, Emilie's husband, and Georgie's and Gabe's father
Elyse Levesque as Charity Le Domas, Daniel's wife
Nicky Guadagni as Helene Le Domas, Daniel, Emile and Alex's aunt, and Charles' wife
Elana Dunkelman as young Helene Le Domas
John Ralston as Stevens, the Le Domas family butler

You can see what they were trying to do. It backfired.

And the dog just sat there and watched it happen. The racism that Boyega had should never have happened. The Finn character had run his course.

A private joke in poor taste.
I was trying to watch Xvideos and my brother disturbs me three times. Didn't need me for one. Wasting toilet paper, unplugging everything, the laundry basket gets overfilled. The other day my mum wakes up at various times in the night making noise. He is up and raises his voice thus waking me up. At work there was a pensioner who is Italian I believe. He wanted an exchange and found it difficult to locate the other items on the shelf. My supervisor referred to him as a "thick fuck" and the there was a queue and the gentleman was near the shelves. Now anyone of the customers would have heard this. I did ask a colleague to jump on the till as a queue had formed. She did not listen. My manager wanted me to do this online training. As they do take long she did not want to waste any more work hours so asked me to do the rest at home. People do waste my time. The Indian lady was talking to me in gujerati. Manager found it amusing if she had overhead the conversation. Something that I didn't understand. She should have been social distancing and not gone the wrong way. At Primark I had let this attractive woman with two children in a pram. Later in the queue. I found that some customers weren't social distancing. Neither was she as her pram was close to me. Her kids wanted something which she said no to. They started crying and were irritating. Saw a few customers in front looking back. Tango Victor always gives out a description of a shoplifter too quickly as I am trying to write it down. This other customer, a pensioner male was after sponge clothes. He had packaging from Asda which we aren't. He had already been near the section. I did not find anything similar. The supervisor and colleague were in the office and he says that they should not be. Fml. People seem to think that it's OK to do trash things to a landlord.

These individuals making anti pc, sjw, woke videos clearly have no compassion or believe in equality.

Though he was dealing with a heckler. He was being antiblack Then there is this anti Asian racism thread The rapists, washing asses an too much curry is just false stereotype. Dumb Americans using racism to tackle racism. American Idiot - GreenDay 

Man suspected of fatal Portland shooting killed during arrest
According to a statement from the US Marshals, Michael Forest Reinoehl was killed on Thursday night when law enforcement went to arrest him. Reinoehl, who had reportedly shown support for the Antifa movement, was being investigated over the fatal shooting of Aaron J. Danielson, a member from a right-wing group who was taking part in a pro-Trump caravan in Portland on August 29.
These idiots trying to defend Aaron. He deserved it.  We need more Michael Reinoehl and less Kyle Rittenhouse.

Karen is having a meltdown.
She will ask to speak to the manager.
So there is plagiarism going on. A black creator and a white team behind the other show.

At work it was busy. Three teens came to the store. Two female and a camp male. They separated in the store. He was loud. He was doing something with the toothpaste. I should have gone over. I later found the empty packet. The prick had nicked it. I should have done something straight away. Offered a basket. Again need to establish the bell system. Some customers give the silent treatment, don't social distance or just walk into the shop. We needed more staff on a Saturday. My colleague was moaning about how she hates people. Don't say it on the shop floor. Someone had left the Lenor bottle with the top off on the bin bag racking. It had leaked all over onto the floor. There was a guy in shorts sorting his change. It could have been him but no member of staff was informed. A woman said she did not want a basket but had a handful of stock after. This mature man with glasses had difficulty finding bath sponges. He went all the way to the top of the aisle as he says I said that. I told him where the sponges were and the brushes were on the top shelves. I had not signed out. The security search was already picked, now I have to go back to work to sign out. The Muslim woman in burqa was looking at fragrances and I had been serving a pensioner that was using her card and entering her pin. The other one was stood right behind her and not social distancing. A guy did tell an Eastern European woman to step back. Usually there is a queue and some people just walk straight by like this white guy, the Chinese students even a friend of my cousin didn't see the queue.

Rightwingers are psychotic.
This guy is stupid.

See who Liz has worked for. She explains her point further. Read the replies.
Tenet is a film that I watched at Cineworld. Starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Kenneth Branagh. Directed by Christopher Nolan. Scifi thriller. There is a lot to unpack. You try and figure out what is going on. I like the concept. I will look at theories and discussions. Expect twists. Clever filmmaking. Great actors, effects and editing. Usually loud in the cinema. Some guy was on his phone in the beginning and a, lady asked him to switch it off. If you enjoyed Bourne or Bond films then you should see this. The Protagonist is a special agent. He is on a mission. They want to prevent WW3. A weapons dealer had got hold of something valuable. He teams up with Neil to see what he can find. The dealer's wife is an art dealer. She is in this unhappy relationship. Some experiments had been run and they discovered a way to manipulate time. I am interested in this type of thing. I have noticed how handsome Robert is. The music does overwhelm the dialogue at some point. Anyhow make sure that you watch it. 

So the kid didn't bother with the plate of food if he ate his own shit

My brother raising his voice as my mum is awake from midnight and talking to herself. Disturbing my sleep. The landing light was on. I was awoken again later on.  

Travis Tit is a Trump supporter
His followers are clowns.
Nobbo here isn't respectful

These Bieber fans are psychotic.
They are a bunch of Karens

My brother wants to borrow money to buy fruit. I check my account to see that he hasn't paid me back any money at all. I used to follow David on twitter in the beginning but he is a fascist.

White male fragility

I did leave my rubbish at the side and should have got rid of it before signing out. There had been an interview in the warehouse so I couldn't do that or get my belongings. I should have been told that it would happen.
My mum had been talking to herself throughout the day and my brother tells her to be quiet several times.

Zuba is a legend.

An interesting thread. I know some will overreact to this. Shaun King, Rachel Dolezal, Candace Owens, Jessica Krug pretending to be black. I have probably mentioned before that I was blocked by this person over bugger all.
You should see the other tonedeaf responses to Jones. He would have voted a third time too.
This is a lie.
Dean is scum

Bin Ladin's niece is friends with Loomer and supports Trump.

9/9/2020 At work at 16:05. This brown short haired white male came into the store. White face mask. Black puffer jacket, jeans and shoes. Went around the aisles and a customer witnessed him take a can of alcohol. Reporting it on the radio and the assistant manager asks whether it is worth reporting as it is a £1. She wanted me to ask Tango Victor. They had a response of that it should be reported as it could build up over time. It made me look daft. Well I would report it anyway. A blonde woman in her 20s getting served does not say thank you after saying no. Where the fuck are your manners? There were two mature women, both sisters. In between them was a pensioner. One lady says something. Caught the attention of the pensioner. She responded with "I was talking to my sister not you" the pensioner takes offence to that as it was the way it was said. She called her a "fucking nuisance" as she left. Didn't expect that. I told a guy that the pain killers including Lemsip were for two. So he put others back and his friend further in the queue went on to buy the others for him. I am not getting in trouble over someone else not following the rules. A dodgy guy that I recognised was in the store. I rang four bells and he was in the other aisle. No one had responded. One person on her break and another in the toilet. Really takes the piss. These two boys were messing around the Rimmel stand. They had left a nail polish open. The Muslim business man had to catch a bus. He took his bottle and left me a spare to scan with the money. I was busy serving someone. I served this tanned brunette with nice legs and I offered her the fragrances but she doesn't respond. The blonde mature woman that I told about the Ambi Pur twin pack and she tells me she already had one. That is the single pack. Some woman asked about cheap perfumes and as there wasn't anything she flung the hair dye back at my colleague as she didn't want it. I asked what this woman looked like and my colleague says "coloured".
I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.

Maybe she is trying to repair the damage that her Uncle did.

Wonder what Wendy Bell-End has to say about the white supremacists shooting the Emmett Till memorial.

I ain't saying she's a gold digger...

Orvieto2016 sends me this message:
Well it is Twitter. I am going to share stuff as others do.
Hi! I mean this in the friendliest way possible but can you please stop tagging me in everything. Thanks:)

The rightwingers missing the point of the Cuties movie. The same people that moan about Cancel Culture are having a #Karen style meltdown.
Eleven-year-old immigrant girl Amy, originally from Senegal, lives with her mother Mariam in one of Paris's poorest neighbourhoods. In an apartment along with her two younger brothers, she waits for her father to rejoin the family from Senegal. Things turn swiftly, as Amy is fascinated by her disobedient neighbour Angelica's twerking clique called Cuties, an adult-style dance troupe which has contrasting fortunes and characteristics to Mariam's religious customs, values and traditions.

In an interview with Deadline Hollywood, MaΓ―mouna DoucourΓ© stated that she received numerous death threats, direct messages and personal attacks following the backlash on social media. The people sending threats need to wind their neck in. 

Travis Lawson should not have bothered with the zoom call. He was waiting for his boyfriend Jerwayne to give him some sweet dick.
Lawrence Fox is a fragile white male. Now that's a surprise. Apparently Asians have been doing this for a long time. She is pretty though.

 This girl is hot

My mother touches the floor as some food had been dropped there. She doesn't even wash her hands properly. Then goes to touch it again. My brother texts about asking for the WiFi password. When he leaves the house he loses the connection. I explained what WiFi is about. He thinks it ridiculous. He is expecting the WiFi to stay connected to his phone when he is at work. Fucking idiot. My other brother still asks for money. I will leave him a final message and block his number. My neighbour will get someone to have a look at the drains. Just needed to know if I would be around. It was a waste of time. The poppers that I was using had maybe 10ml left. It wasn't having the desired effect. I am supposed to stop using.
And she would like to speak to the manager.

islamaphobia from teachers and students. Fragile white people So fragile snowflakes are upset. He can vote for whoever he wants.