Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Cassius - I Love You So (Skream Remix)

By the way these are old posts that have been merged.

I saw some old man near the prosecco and it looked like he had put a bottle on his bag. He was quite old but there was a guy in a green coat that looked stoned. I got a colleague to ring three bells. But I should have been specific about the individuals. Nob head. Don't get tongue tied. I thought I had made an error of judgement. The alarm on the barrier did go off when the green coat man went through it. The back door alarm went off. The Danny bloke a criminal released from prison a few weeks ago was out back. Did he attempt to open the fire escape? I did not bother mentioning the old man as I thought that I had messed up and would look worse. What happened has happened. Some guy was  in the stockroom twice. He apparently went to the toilet. He was going through the work fleeces. He denied taking anything. The stockroom door should remain shut. I was just getting a headache from customers and colleagues. I should say something or just let it go. Maybe look at the CCTV if I had a specific time. But it is too late now. People get in the way of others as they are waiting for a friend. Could have got another sale and just concentrated on these customers if I didn't have to serve others as well. Someone called in sick. I don't give a shit if it annoys you as I am doing my job offering promo sales. Some mature blonde lady was complaining about an Oral B 650 box being put by for her. She said that she would be furious if there wasn't one. Some girl handing out leaflets had told her that she could have one. Not one colleague had done that. Either a colleague wasn't being honest, she is making it up, some random individual fooled her or someone did put one by and another person sold it. Leicester store have saved one for her.  I can hear talking from my mum's room. It is possibly what woke me up. Still talking after I asked her to stop. Twice now, it is 12:03am. I need to have her put in a care home. Why am I emptying and filling the washing machine? I'm just going to leave the stuff in there.  Danny Jones the nobhead shoplifter struck. I should have three belled earlier.  He was having a rant. Stupid assuming that he was with that woman. He would have taken it whether I had been on a break or not. He is guilty. Well I'm not apologising for his actions. Move on and let the police deal with it. Hyper Music Muse, Karma Police Radiohead. Johnny Cash The Man Comes Around.  I was still in the store after the delivery had been done. Could not sleep after midnight. The Ellen Show Leah Remini and Mariah Carey with magnificent breasts. Nice tits on the brunette in black dress dancing with the wheelchair man in the jive competition on C4News. Also see Katie on Pointless. The pizza delivery guy came to our door though no one in this house ordered anything.  Just seen this fit slim brunette in a red sports bra. A brunette in tight orange leggings. Tanned and pretty. White writing. Nice cleavage. Bizarre kids attacking two officers in Lewisham. Cue the regular racism in the comments section.  icon
Attractive blonde in white T-shirt and tight black leggings. Nice tits and ass. The brunette in black and blonde in blue were there as usual. A blonde in pink top and grey leggings with a nice arse. There are two darked haired girls either side of her. I went to use the toilet and one was blocked up and the other had urine over the toilet seat. Jessica was the name of this beauty therapist in Loughborough that I served. Brunette and tanned. Sent from my Vodafone Smart 4 mini -------- Original Message -------- Subject: Amazon Associates: On the First Day of Deals... From: "" <> To: CC: Presents opened with glee = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 12 Days of Daily Deals on Amazon = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = DAY 1: Presents Opened with Glee Kids look forward to the holidays all year long. The closer the big day gets, the bigger the anticipation and excitement to discover what is inside every box and under every bow. No pressure, right? Well don't worry. Today's deals in toys, clothing, and baby will help make their festive fantasies come true. And they'll be a lot more fun than a partridge in a pear tree. 12 Days of Deals Primary Landing Page Deals of the Day Save Up to 45% Off Select Pacific Bikes & Accessories for the Whole Family Save Up to 75% on Select Spyder Winter Apparel Save Up to 50% Off Kids' Sports Products Save 25% or More on Holiday Toys Save on Despicable Me: 3-Movie Collection Save on MSR, Therm-a-Rest & Platypus camping gear Amazon Device Deals $10 Off Kindle for Kids Bundle Today ONLY ends 9pm PST (While supplies last) 20% Off Certified Refurbished Fire HD 10 Tablet Now until 11:59 pm PST Dec 10th Promo Code: FIREHD10 (While supplies last) Upcoming Themes 12/5: raw TTV Loves—Gifts in books and media Special Offer: $80 off Amazon Fire 16GB + Amazon Tap Bundle 12/6: Brunch Friends—Gifts in home and kitchen 12/7: Brawling Nerds—Gifts in video games = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Promotions Hub Promotions Hub Find promotions & special events for your audience Get links now Associates Central Associates Central Visit Associates Central for links, banners, reports, & more Login now This e-mail was sent to Please note that you must use this e-mail address to access your account in Associates Central or when contacting Associates Customer Service.

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The TalkTalk guys are back. One approached me and went off to write some shit down. I was not going sign up or leave my details. I walked off. My mother starts talking to herself and my brother starts raising his voice. Both need deporting.
The black guy with tattoos and his white stubble friend make too much noise in the gym. They made a howling noise when and attractive girls was leaving.
What is with The Horror Channel and shows like Sheena, The Lost World?
Baz Lurhmann is married to a woman which is surprising.
Hot blonde in gym with black sports bra, orange top and grey leggings. Nice body. There was this nice mixed race girl that reminded me of Amelle off Celebrity Masterchef.

What the fuck is this shit?
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Good day
From: mayer797 <>

Good day, I'm a lone bunny puss, looking for adorable man to have a nice time with :=) how old are you? reply me if you need photos of me. See you later :D email:
Good day, I'm a lone bunny puss, looking for adorable man to have a nice time with :=)
how old are you?
reply me if you need photos of me. See you later :D
That shift was shit. It won't happen again. I am watching Fright Night 2. Nice scene with the redhead and brunette making out. Nice bodies. Good opening scene. This is set in Romania. Jaime Murray is a sexy professor. She was in Hustle. Amazing tits on the brunette bought to the lair. Lesbian erotica like some Hammer Horror films. Nice body too. Good cleavage on Jaime. Unrecognisable at first. I thought that I recognised Peaches from the Viv Thomas films.
Life Stripped Bare on 4seven. Nice tits on the girls Georgia, Laura and Heidi but sod all else. It is daft and cringeworthy that they have to run to the storage container miles away. Reactions of people honking their horns. What a person on the street may have seen. Be interesting for them chatting at home whilst the programme is on. Some might ask where the attractive people are. #lifestrippedbare The participants have nice personalities. Living a good life. It was good of those two ladies to help get Heidi's mattress to her home. This is an experimental documentary. There are people in the world that live like this. No money. A reflection of life I n the modern world. 21 days. Bit by bit they get to choose what items to get back. Georgia has to fit friends, "she's quite feral" #firstworldproblems #whiteprivilige #everydaysexism New fly on the wall show The Job Interview. I thought that 18 Kids And Counting may have been a repeat. This darked haired woman talking that was with the bearded bloke was hot. As is the wavy haired olive skinned girl with big tits. I am watching First Dates Series 4 Episode 12. Nice mention of Ukip The Musical. There is this Asexual term that has cropped up. Is it even a real thing?

icon I dreamt that I was working in a restaurant and I served food buffet style. The odd homeless guy who wanted some food. An argument ensues as we can't give the food away for free. The plates are being handed out and the homeless man gets one with three pasties on it. He is busy eating them in a carpark. I go seeking the manager about this policy. Calling him Ted which wasn't his name. I find others to ask and I'm in a stairwell and homeless man is wanting a car. I woke up and had hit my glass of Coke. Knocking the contents onto the floor. Which I thought would happen. Some picture of a tea seller in Pakistan went viral. I wonder what it would be like if it was a female pictured. There are three attractive women on BBC News during midnight and after. A blonde doing a report. One in Las Vegas for the US debate and an Singaporean lady in red as the main anchor. Asia Business Report is the show. Some butch red head puts the money in my head with force. Not giving eye contact. Too much shit lying around. Stock room full. One staff member didn't turn up and another calls in sick. An old man not realising came in front of me in the queue.

 I would have had to go to the EE store to sort this shit out as he would not do it. Fucking stupid as it's not my problem. On The One Show Jennifer Aniston is wondering what the fuck is going on. The presenters chat to Team Rickshaw. See the tweets.
I was supposed to get a call for iinterviews appointment for Tesco. Didn't happen. 
Aislyn on BBC Pointless is like a young Susanna Reid. A vibrator type can opener on Fake Britain. 
Counterfeit goods made being passed off as the brand item. Putting people at risk. 

#BBCPanorama undercover investigation into retirement homes. These abusive care workers exposed. They are in the job of caring for people and work as in to do the bloody job. There are fantastic people out there but this highlights the bad apples. Don't blur the culprits faces. That nurse will be struck off. See Twitter for comments. 

Kanye West is breaking news. Not important. Good Morning Britain discussion about pay equality. Anne Widdicombe making fair points. Sophie Walker from the Women's Equality Party is hot. Piers Morgan on top form. Twitter comments to be viewed. Lorraine Kelly is not a credible journalist.
The sound goes off due to wire connection on the tv. Just a slight movement does it. Black Friday is upon us. Don't forget Cyber Monday. Ill Gotten  Gains on Bbc1 about criminal assets being seized. It has been a week almost since I went to the gym. I worked various days. I would have a wank using poppers. I would be staying here at home and having to listen to her talk to herself. Or even in a tired and weaken state go to the gym after poppers. Better to not use them at all. I am at work tomorrow 2pm and must train in the morning.

‭01753 441503‬ Slough called. The line is always busy. It is probably some ppi shit.

I awake after a closing my eyes for a bit. Hearing 
my mum repeating "Ben". My brother tried ringing me. Probably to try to borrow money. I have the number blocked. Just unblocked but am being overdrawn and charged because of him. 

Tax returned text name-‭82973887633‬
Kishore, with Xmas fast approaching, it's time to get some extra money in your pocket. 

Apply here for your tax refund:


At the gym there was this brunette with long flowing hair and nice arse. She did have nice tits too as I saw her doing the squats. Her blonde friend was nice. There was an older brunette with nice breasts. Saw the cleavage on her as she bent over. Some tanned blonde in blue from earlier and this older one which had pigtails or braided hair that came to the shop usually. 

A Place In The Sun, Bev Cameron episode. Laura Hamilton looks good. Nice boobs in that white top and her nipples are sticking out.  My mum has been talking to herself for 10 minutes. She did this around midnight  My brother slams the door too. Others are trying to sleep. They aren't the only ones here.  I was in the shop and within minutes of me starting. A white 50-60 year old man. Short and stocky with glasses and tattoo under his eye. He heads for the toilet roll stack. He seems to be looking over at me. I ask if he is ok. I glance over now and then. I was going to get a colleague to check on him. He was edging near alcohol. I realised it was Dennis the alcoholic shoplifter. I rang three bells and it took a minute for anyone to turn up. He left without taking anything. There are three sheds outside with stock such as carpets and vases on sale to the public. Arabic gentlemen are there. My bin has been emptied again.  Another pretty magician. A young blonde lady. Itv1. Josephine Lee. Rochelle Hughes looks good. The Next Great Magician. 20/11/16. Opening of the show. Laura London's cleavage. Not looking at the trick. I couldn't understand what Seoul Park was saying.  Rob Zebrecky is like Jimmy Carr. The fragrances ads are always stupid. For example Dior Savauge Johnny Depp. The oap that comes in for his topup went bezerk again. I swiped the card. Took the cash and a receipt was printed. The system needs updating and EE need to sort their shit out. The phone balance wasn't up until 5 minutes later by then he apologised. I am not going through that shit again. I haven't done anything wrong. For some strange reason when there is a queue. I press the bell for assistance and the staff member asks what they were needed for. It's to jump on the till of course. The delivery was harder and pissed me off.  Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android On Sat, 19 Nov, 2016 at 9:19,


Kernkraft Zombie Nation

People comparing racism to hatred of fat people. Many watching Diane Abbot, Jamelia, Yasmin A Brown, Michelle Obama. They generally don't like POC More bollocks on This Morning. Kourtney Kardashian. I avoid watching it. Maybe these western these companies don't cater for black people as they are in a minority. Fern McCann should just get her tits out and shut up. More importantly I should go to the gym.  Sas bullshit for the rest of the week. Food shopping to be done. Shouldn't have had a wank using poppers. Weakens and tires you.  Someone I have only just heard of. Dj David Mancuso has died. Here is his mix Black Friday Taking my mum to the hospital in the morning and work after. Gym was a few days ago. Applying for more work on the internet at the library. She is talking to herself saying "'godari muk'"  Some cunt from Pension Safe, Manchester  ‭0161 974 7298

My mum repeating herself. "Yeah" or "Ben" Now at 5:20am onwards just having a conversation.

I do have problems with this email app. Sometimes the thing don't send.

How the fuck do I book the job? Why is it so vague? Red Wigwam.

On Tue, 15 Nov, 2016 at 12:53 PM,
<> wrote:

Red WigWam
Dear Kishore,
Great news – we have some new roles that we think you might be interested in:
Checking and tidying the meal deal drinks fridge - Post 2PM
You won't be the only one matched to these jobs, so sign in and book as soon as you can.
I want this job/ I want to find out more
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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

David Gray - Babylon

I get the spam emails like this, see the grammar and spelling errors.

 Anyways I had a dream where I was in Northern Ireland. The setting was peaceful and romantic. I did ask where the nearest WiFi connection was. It was 8 miles away. I felt like downloading a few David Gray songs. It was an open field. The area behind led to the sea. I went forward whilst talking to a few people. It became daylight. We had taken a car journey. We are at a school. Me and a young man named Scott. We have a guide, a 60 something old man similar to Sir David Attenborough. He is wise. The fire alarm goes off. We depart. The wise man David is on a toy car and driving around the open areas. I do remember needing to have a change of clothes but not getting the chance. We are going home. We happen to get into a discussion with Craig the winner of Big Brother 1. The journey on the motorway is weird. One of the guys has a big head superimposed on a small body sticking out of a moving vehicle. We are walking behind. In the town I find it fascinating. A mixture of old buildings and modern ones. I tell Scott that I would meet a girl and settle down here. A brunette did pass us but I wasn't attracted to her. We were on a road with no foot path and it was slopping grass. 
I had a previous dream where I was in a student house where the new guy that I had met was a vampire. He looked like RJ Mitte. He did try to bite me later on. In another scene I got to anal rim three girls. One had a gaping hole and I was going to have sex with her.
Another scene and I am at a wedding with an Asian Middle Eastern theme. I get lost and try to find the right room. I am in a toilet and needing to use a cubicle but they seem to be occupied.

Today at work there was this pretty blonde with a black colar around her neck. A colleague asking me for the time when I am with a customer. She did also shout to the manager that she needed pound coins from across the till. You have to be careful what you say and how you act around customers. One Muslim lady was behind an old lady and when I called for the next person. She came to the till when it was the Oap. She had asked whether the Paracetamol was any good. Of course they are. Fucking beggars were in town. A police car had driven into town. Someone may have made a complaint. The stockroom was still a mess and people haven't been clearing up after themselves in the canteen. My auntie seems to ignore or just not notice me when I pass and say hello. I have been asked to work this afternoon. 

The brunette pilot in the film Altitude is pretty. A hot young bride had been reading a book on Syrian poetry and a Thompson Airline hostess had reported her for being a terror suspect. It was racial profiling pure and simple. I doubt they'll name the accuser. She had been going to Turkey for her honeymoon.

Clever app that the campaigners use to locate potential voters for the US election. Refugees have arrived but some will probably have some moronic comments to make. The Sun newspaper being arseholes as usual when it came to Gary Lineker. As long as the children  are safe. There are many countries to take in migrants. There might be amusing comments to which I would add from Twitter. The Trump supporter at the university looking weird. I could tell who the environmentalist was too. Report on BBC News during twilight hours. Pete Burns is dead. The only song that I know of is You Spin Me Round by Dead Or Alive. Bobby Vee is someone to google. The Wright Stuff needs interesting topics and guests. Jamie Lang from Made In 
Chelsea, Gaz from Geordie Shore. Why have a reality TV personality on a current affairs show. Qatar to Manchester and a married man gropes a teen whilst he is sat next to his wife. Some will talk about his ethnicity like it's a cultural thing. 
The Truth Legal Name billboard is making any sense. Maybe Derren Brown 
is behind this. Maybe sign up a domain name with the phrase. The insurance company aren't giving abit of leeway for my brother. So he asks to borrow money from me but I can't help. 

On Sat, 8 Oct, 2016 at 12:35 PM, Ravi Kumar
<> wrote:
 ġġöfüll dëtäïls öf ÿöür wëbsïtë äċtïvïtïës wïth öür sëö sërvïċës

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am Ravi Kumar , business development manager. We offer web development solutions using advanced technologies and meeting our clients'every need.

Our Services includes:- 

1) Web Design 
2) PHP and mysql web Development 
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6) Ecommerce 

We have special offer for this month! 

If interested please reply with your contact no. or skype id. I would be 
happy to share our Methodologies, past work details and client Testimonials. 

Kind Regards,
Ravi Kumar

Friday, 25 November 2016

What Makes The World Go Round - Dan The Automater

There was a fairly slim young blonde girl with a tattoo on her thigh, pink or yellow tight shorts that I remember. Nice buns and there were plenty more as well as breasts. A tall redhead in colourful leggings. A short brunette in black. A lady in black with nice cleavage. The one lady in grey leggings doing lunges had a firm bum. Some lady in orange.

At the shop were two attractive blondes. One was covered in fake tan. She had an Essex accent. 

Frances from The Apprentice. Attractive but a Twat corncerning the following comment. In Brick Lane she says "is this the ghetto" Jessica is hot. She was an exotic dancer. It is car crash tv. Sofiane seems to be annoying his colleagues. People on Twitter are talking about Karen's management skills at West Ham. Some woman took a product without paying for it. Hope they have the footage. 

This redhead on Diysos Children In Need  special is hot. The brunette with red highlights has nice breasts. Amy and Camilla. The mother with MS is also a milf. 17/11/16.

Milo Yonopolous or whatever was just being vile on Ch4 News. 

See the comments on the recent Watchdog episode. Kube kissing arse just to get the money. The ladies' daughter becoming a model was just being lied too. Steph McGovern speaking German may have said shit.

Customers did not buy the Beyonce giftset which had a 30ml edp but opted for the 100ml version. People just weren't interested. 

I have been invited for interview with Tesco. The Savers rota has been done all the way till Christmas. I expect clashes. I went to Greenwoods and asked for who I should address the CV and the letter too. I was told the Manager. #facepalm I was after the name. The prescription for the medicine I requested two sorts were put in. I should have checked before. 

BBC Breakfast Naga Munchetty having to talk over a choir. Then interviews people whilst the others are singing. Well thought out plan. They come back to the same shit. A girl has won the right to have her body chronologically frozen. She has died. It will be impossible to bring her back to life. Bizarre. Interesting talk about The Grand Tour and Amazon Prime. Nottingham City Library has been sold to a development company. I am a member and would use the internet there. There is no other cyber cafe.

Janet Ellis has been given a bad sex award due to the poor erotic scenes in her books. Having seen the quotes, I agree. E L James might have had one. Lynette Anthony is annoying to listen to. A mother has saved money for her daughter incase she chooses to have a boobjob when she is older. The daughter refuses to have any surgery. Nice tits on the mother. Her money. 

I ended up working longer than asked. It was my day off. I went in to get my rota hours. I am still on a 4 hour contract. It never went through onto 8. I have been offered 12. After I mentioned the interview for Tesco. Well the area manager mentioned increasing the hours as I end up doing overtime.

If you liked Top Gear then you should checkout The Grand Tour.

X-MEN Apocalypse Main Theme

People leaving their walking sticks in Savers. A student female, black wearing a Loughborough University hoodie. She may have had an item with her bought from another store. I discussed this with the Manager. I saw the girl leaving with said item. We checked that it wasn't one of ours. A muslim lady had her pram in the way. A redhead in glasses wanted to 
get by. Someone called in sick and I was asked to work. I was about to go to gym.

Itv1 This Morning Rylan Clarke doing a segment on I'm A Celebrity out on an ice rink and right on camera a young boy falls over. At the end of an interview with Singe Green, Ore gets up to hug him, is left hanging and sits down. 

Vanquis Bank still sending junkmail.

I get this text

Hi Mo, We would like you to be a Dyson V8 Absolute product tester - test and KEEP for free


STOP to 07860020472 

SAVE £10 when you spend £50 or £20 when you spend £100 until 6th December with our BLACK FRIDAY VOUCHERS! Optout: Text WKSTOP to 60777

I feel that I have wasted my time applying for these jobs as nothing has come of it. 

'I will be arranging interviews on Monday I will call you Monday  to arrange an interview time then .'

I had this dream where I was in town. A group of yellow taxi cabs were parked on the side. An Asian man was counting his money. He gave me a lift. I wanted to go to a museum by the river. He went on the underground of the Thames bridge. We stop and he starts abusing this woman that doesn't speak any English.

My mum continues to make noise as does my brother. Around 6am. She is doing more chitchat now. It is 19:10 and she is saying stuff like "neeche rach, jewra etc" 

Fucking idiots at Black Friday. Retail companies are fucking you over. Raising prices then lowering them. Without truly giving a discount. Don't just buy anything. Only if you really need it. 

Itv showing West Midlands region weather when I am in the East Midlands. 
Peter Andre is not relevant. Stop showing him on tv. Danny Facking Dyer. 

Fake news sites. Weird. Ch4 News report in Macedonia. Shared on Facebook. 
Pete Wagner is a bellend. Americans believe anything. Obama was born in the US. What nob creates fake unlawful articles? 

There was this couple that I believe had come from the cinema. They were arguing in the street. A boy on a scooter was with them. Two 
people passing by thought it as amusing. Another Jeremy Kyle moment in Loughborough.  

On Tue, 22 Nov, 2016 at 13:56, Superdrug
<> wrote:

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