Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Doom And Gloom (Benny Benassi Remix) - The Rolling Stones

I am watching The Life Swap Adventure on BBC2. The American lady Leslie has some cringeworthy scenes. She might annoy some viewers. Lillian is from Nottingham. First time that I have seen this show. The Grenfell reports are getting tiresome. People are comparing it to Hurricane Katrina. Another terrorist attack in London. The attacker is a white male. Drove into Muslims. The media obviously would label it different. The far right will be gloating. As was the attacker himself. Will all white folk be seen with suspicion or the Christians have to condemn it. A year after Jo Cox. Ranvir Singh annoying the public. The man interrupting her piece to camera. A vigil could be held or people coming to their aid. They might not bother. See the reaction online. There may be more attacks. Darren Osborne is a grade A cunt. From Cardiff. The news will repeat the same facts.  Racist People- Roll Deep.

I called into work there was lots of the delivery left. A couple were in store. I had gone to the toilet. The man is white, 30-40s, slim, brown cropped hair and black clothing. The woman is white, curvy, similar age. White tshirt, black trousers and handbag. Also a brunette with tied up hair and sunglasses. They went to the Ariel Gels. She used her teeth to take the tag off and then it was placed in the green carrier bag. A Muslim female had seen them and informed the manager. She went by them to the back and pretend to have a conversation on the radio and the lady heard so she put it back. They left. This shoplifting girlfriend of the thieving scrote was hanging around outside. Then went walking around. I don't know if she was going to get something from my bag. Slim black hair in black clothing with pink slogan. Carrying a pink Superdrug bag. She was drinking from a can. Clearly upto something. A minutes silence was held for Grenfell victims. Someone in store was still talking. So were people outside. All the staff should have informed the customers. The violin player was still going on. I was going to announce it over the radio. Served this curvy woman with large breasts. Tried not to look at her cleavage. Another woman complained about SAS and someone mentioned the chiller again. Also that it is hot in Savers. Maybe a mutiny is in order so they place some air conditioning or just quit. One Step Closer/Duality/It's Gettin Hot In Herre

Wife Swap Brexit Special ch4. Xenophobia and racism won't make the Leave couple popular. The psychologist from Nottingham is hot. As is her daughter. Arguments that could have waited. Unpopular opinions. 

Aly Raisman is pretty. Just saw her on Ellen Show. I awoke early. Now still only a few hours later. Someone honking their horn. A man in a very large truck and trailer went up this turn which for someone coming up from the right on Belton Rd. He may not have been able to manoeuvre around the traffic island. It stinks in the ITC Suite at this library. 

I hadn't mentioned that a sales assistant at some store was purchasing a drink and the one coin which she gave me instead of a penny was a foreign coin. Before I realised what had happened she was already leaving. She may have known. That was nice of her. The time I offered this old woman SAS she went "yeah, yeah, yeah" don't be rude you cunt. 
Apparently a person that I have never heard of and is of no importance is pregnant. Sprinkle Of Glitter.

My colleague had visited the store and she was wearing some skimpy top. Showing off her fab cleavage. It was like she was only wearing a bra. She might sell more SAS with that on. Dr Hannah Fry is an attractive woman though nasally sounding. Some people just ignore you when you offer them a basket. 

I had this dream where my late father was in his car. I tried to avoid him where I went. He insisted that I get in and I refused. He turned violent and I was able to defend myself. I did tell him a few home truths. I also had spoken to a comedian or presenter that was based on Marine Le Penn. I tried writing a note about some tweets. "I find it amusing that some people are complaining about the lack of white people in London and Glastonbury." In another scene I am at the gym/leisure centre. I am in changing room about to take a shower. Removing my t-shirt. The receptionist barges in to give me my change. I close it to find another disturbance from a former work colleague standing there chatting to someone. The third time many people are in this large room. Suitcases spread out. People changing. Someone had taken my blood orange Burtons v-neck T-shirt. Someone I know had it and it  was passed onto this boy that was wearing it. I was to make a complaint. My assistant manager Fi was going to see if she could get me the replacement but a different one was picked and I just gave up. I was in another store and gave them my CV. I went to an Indian shop in Leicester. I placed this box of brand new shoes next to wall before going in. My colleagues Kirah and Naz were in there browsing. I was nearby. I thought that the shoes might get nicked and so I left. Another scene featured me going with colleagues to the cinema. All we did was watch trailers. The seating was around tables. Staff were busy. They had to clean the area and we were in the foyer. I looked at the poster for the film we were to see. It was a 1930s film where these women build a robotic spider. I thought fuck this and left. My tickets, which I had a few of, were valid for a week. I gave them away. 

My mum is giving the jewra ghodari talk over and over. My brother hasn't given a reply yet. 

The staff didn't have my back. This guy was clearly dodgy. All the staff were at till. Then go off. I could have three belled. Not my fault.Got him to check his bag. No alarm went off. Distraction theft. Probably get some bollocks about being vigilant but I am not taking the fall. He says "I'm not a thief" but yes you are. You will get your comeuppance. The other manager left as to avoid traffic. Fml. The cunt had taken the edt as shown on CCTV. He is going to get battered. No mercy will be shown to him. Some woman and man stole Oral B and Gillette sets. Cunts. Possibly after a Father's Day gift. But more than likely they have been disowned.
Hyper Music/99 Problems/Duality/Just/A Good Man/The Man Comes Around

01413707243 Glasgow
01782970499 Stoke On Trent
01509389429 Loughborough
02036870227 London

Anyone else bored of the Brownlee Brothers? Some scrote stole a Commonwealth athlete's bike and swimming gear  here in Loughborough. Mickey that lived in the Grenfeld Tower reminds me of Danny Dyer in EastEnders. The Royals visited Grenfeld Tower. There is some screaming going on. A Muslim man yelling "come here" clearly not the way to talk to royalty. They left probably not coming back. The far right cunts don't give a shit about the people. Making inappropriate comments. Very much gleeful at the death of immigrants. Racist People/Fuck You/London's Burning/London Calling

My nephew is getting married in Croatia. 

Some athlete was doing the long jump and her weave came off upon impact. Schippes has a nice ass. Lots of pretty girls in town.  Some young blonde in black uniform. I should take pics for this blog. I spoke to a former work colleague in McDonalds. CBBC character called Hacker T Dog on Celebrity Mastermind. 

My mum had been told twice about talking to herself and she still does it. "Under ghar, godhari, Ben, jewra" approaching 11pm. 

It is my birthday on Sunday. Colleagues may have a staff night out to the money we were awarded from the Area Manager. I have my friends or what's left of them to contact to arrange something. I might just be ignored. I will then just give up on trying to celebrate my birthday all together. 99 Problems - JayZ

Only a few pretty girls here at the gym. This tanned brunette with lovely tits. Some blonde with nice legs. Some other one who is tanned. A black girl with a nice figure. Some Asian girl I assume with a nice body. A nice ass on Fran. The blonde lady in red is quite nice. There was the brunette doing squats that looked good, wearing a flowery top. 
Tomcraft-Loneliness Wolfmother-Woman

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Saturday, 10 June 2017

The Ones -Flawless

I skipped the junior doctors bit as it was boring me. The pole fitness bit she could do naked. 
Look at that arse.
 I train at that gym and her friend is hot too. What exactly does she do for a living?
Why the fuck do I bother ringing work when no one picks up. Goes to the fax machine or internet dialup. More chatter from my mum. Doesn't really give a shit.

The delivery was fucking me off. Less chatter and just have a sense of urgency. Some woman who was going to be served soon enough placed her hair dye on the shelf and was looking over at me. She left. I'm sure that it was her that returned and bought a different item. Was was the point? My younger brother has borrowed money from my youngest brother and he is talking some shite about courses. I have been up since the early morning.
The person that I have had to deal with doesn't live far from e. Here is his criminal record.

Daniel Alex Allan Jones, aged 29, of Belton Road, Loughborough.
Indicated plea of guilty to stealing perfume to the value of £84.97 belonging to TK Maxx in Loughborough on December 4, 2016. Committed to prison for three weeks concurrent, suspended for 12 months. Reason for custody: prolific offender, offences caused fear to victim, drug habit contributed. Must have treatment for drug dependency as a non-resident patient for six months. To comply with any instructions of the responsible officer to attend appointments or to participate in any activity up to a maximum of 10 days.
Plea changed to guilty of stealing perfume to the value of £49.98 belonging to Savers in Loughborough on November 27, 2016. Committed to prison for 16 weeks, suspended for 12 months.
Plea changed to guilty of stealing perfume to a value unknown belonging to Savers in Loughborough on December 1, 2016. Committed to prison for 16 weeks concurrent, suspended for 12 months.
Conviction of an offence while a community order made by Leicester Magistrates’ Court on November 26, 2016, for the offences of four counts of theft is in force. No adjudication - dealt with for original offence.
Community order made by Leicester and Rutland Magistrates’ Court on November 25, 2016, revoked.
Plea changed to guilty of stealing laundry items to the value of £25 belonging to Poundland in Loughborough on December 19, 2016. No separate penalty.
Plea changed to guilty of stealing chocolates to the value of £58 belonging to Tesco in Loughborough on December 15, 2016. No separate penalty.
Found guilty of assault by beating in Loughborough on December 19, 2016. Committed to prison for 16 weeks, suspended for 12 months. To pay compensation of £70.
Found guilty of assault in Loughborough on December 19, 2016. No separate penalty.

A woman from Loughborough called Luccia Amerecco is in prison and was let out for botox injections. Some associate of hers had a rant and the people commenting just don't know how to spell karma. He has a criminal past but is rehabilited. So someone pointed that out to Trustatrader.com No smoke without fire. Casual racism concerning a post about Keith Vaz. Linda Cuntingham says something unfunny. #Bellend
Danielle Morris faked a paternity test to fool Jamie Somers. Goldigger-Kanye West  99 Problems-Jay Z
Another bellend on Twitter. Not bothered about him. Not a nonce. It is a large cock.

 This fucking nonce using London Bridge attack hash tags to further his small dick. #pervert

I was looking in Boots and just as I am about to leave I spot the security guard standing there. Just doing his job but yet again I am innocent. 99 Problems - Jay-z Someone else had loud music on their pc, not using their headphones. I could tell who it was. The staff member and the lady that I used to work with thought it was me. Really?! It wasn't me. Just seems like bollocks to me. Slipknot - Duality

Jo Cox Death Of An Mp and some right wing arseholes are tweeting inappropriate things. See #Jocox Vile people, take this Avon Rep from Birmingham.

The hot assistant manager from another store was working here today. She introduced herself by mentioning the lack of SAS. I didn't like her at first. I should have three belled this guy who was scruffy and walking slowly. No one was keeping an eye on him. He sped up on his way out as the barrier went off. Stole something.
More numbers ringing me up. Accident claim line. Windows telemarketing and a silent call.

  XBOX Project Scorpio available on Amazon

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Joan Osborne- One Of Us

iconXbox Scorpio
My email app has fucked up. A twat fraudster had been into the store on Monday. He was white, had brown hair and a stocky build. He kept referring to me as Buddy. He bought drinks and asked me to keep the till open. A stupid part of me was trusting and the my instincts thought that he might be dodgy even before he and his mates had entered the store. He wanted £30 in change. He gave me £29 so I asked him for the pound and he snatched a tenner from me. He pockets a note and says that I short changed him. He was full of shit. I got a lecture from the boss afterwards. He left when he saw management. I knew what was going on. Trying not to be thrown. The cunts had already targeted other stores. I hope he gets arrested. Maybe even gets cancer if he is roaming around freely. His mates will die in a car crash. Karma Police-Radiohead It was all his fault. We were the victim. I am a survivor. The day before Danny Jones's ho had come into the store and stolen a Ted Baker EDP. I was by the chiller.
Hyper Music/99 Problems

I redeemed myself today by selling SAS. An old lady was telling me that a few minutes ago a girl had put some items into her pockets. She hadn't paid too much attention and so I couldn't get a description. I think that I have an idea though. She was saying the staff should be vigilant. It's not her job. At McDonald in Loughborough. The girl calling out no orders at the collection point was in a mood. There was something about salt in the oil. Or a lid not being on. The supervisor was talking to her. She went for a break. A guy next to me was saying "it's all kicking off" it is unprofessional to throw a tantrum in front of the customers. A lady on Twitter was asking if I knew that the link on profile was or lead to porn. It isn't just that.

I dreamt that I was the Angel of Death. In a black coat and I had wings which helped me fly. I made myself known to the public. A funeral took place in the car park at the back of Savers. A female customer that has pink hair was a crossdresser here. In male form. I helped a colleague's mother and saw the resemblance. DJ Shadow Ft Ice Cube- Everybody wants to go to heaven was playing.

My mum is talking to herself again. "Under gurro ney, ahktar" or some shit. It is 22:35. Coughing and she will give herself a sore. How is she or anyone else supposed to get any sleep? I should go into her room and keep repeating phrases whilst punching her. It is now 23:14. My brother had asked her to be quiet. She carries on.

I had spotted Marcus Flynn of BBC News in the gym. Kim Edwards' mum bought her into this world and she took her out of it. The rota was changed. It wasn't like that for the past few weeks.

Beauty And The Beast 2008 ridiculous profile "Not really in to coloured but if we fancy it one night we will find you. Like a bit of banter and enjoy a bit of fun. If you message us"

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Scarlett Johansson-Set It All Free

Project Scorpio is being launched. Lots of info about it on relevant sites. Selling on Amazon soon.

A spam scam email;
On 24 May 2017 6:52 p.m., " service@yahoo.alets.co.uk" <outlawrchobbies@optusnet.com.au> wrote:
> On Wednesday, 24 May 2017 , we noticed a successful sign in to your Yahoo account
> from an unrecognized device in India.
> If this was you, you're all set!
> If this wasn't you and you believe someone may have tried to access your account, 
> please click here: http://hostactiveuser.gets-it.net/profile/ to secure your account
> Yahoo
I am watching Sing starring Matthew McConaughey. A Koala business man works in theatre. It is a musical comedy. Various songs sung as it switches to introductions of the characters. You might have seen The Fighting Temptations, Glee, Pitch Perfect. From the makers of Despicable Me. The third film is out soon. Good animation.
Worth checking out the soundtrack.
Nice cast of talented actors. I like the audition and leaflet distribution scene. Impressive. Reese Witherspoon, Jay Pharaoh, Taron Egerton, Jennifer Hudson, John C Reilly, Seth MacFarlane, Jennifer Saunders, Scarlett Johansson, Tori Kelly and more. Three mini movies on the special DVD. I recognised some voices.
My mum is going on with the "eeeh jewra" bollocks.
Calm down #snowflakes there is no such thing as #whitegenocide
Mary Freedom @MaryLuvsFreedom
I am strictly pro-life for White mothers. As far as non-Whites are concerned, what they do is their own business.

Viva Europa  @BakedNorwegian·7h
A new shipload of African men arrives in Italy, picked up from right outside Libya. This destruction of Europe is well planned... 
Yep people like this exist.
Suzanne Lipscomb and this Daisy McAndrews is attractive. On The Wright Stuff. So at what point did Jodie Marsh become right wing?
So I guess that I should have called up the store. They would have needed me. The manager was on one so spoke rudely to staff, moaning too. The resident shoplifter was passing by on his bike twice. A Police To Be fragrance was added to SAS last Thursday and no one had looked at the emails.
Yet again mother is being annoying. She needs to shut up before I slap her. I obviously wasn't going to give all the money to my brother. I needed to calculate the amount and he won't be receiving anymore. I am wasting time here. Could go to swimming or gym.

At Savers 19.99.
To Be Mr Beat by Police is a Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men. This is a new fragrance. To Be Mr Beat was launched in 2017. Top notes are apple, bergamot and cardamom; middle notes are lavender, sea notes and patchouli; base notes are vetiver, leather and cedar.
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Similar to Ck One, Wild Bluebell by Jo Malone
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Some nob on Fab sending half a message. No pic either. Deleted.
This Asian girl is slim, tall with nice legs. The blonde in red top is nice. As is the brunette in blue and black. This blonde in white has nice tits. The blonde in camouflage t-shirt and black shorts has a nice ass.
A few nice bodies on some young ladies.
+442036347779 Claims Inclusive called.
Oh look another fucking reality TV competition. #PitchBattle
#onelovemanchester I am assuming it is free entry. I can imagine if it wasn't that ticket touts would be taking advantage of this.
So it was 5:13am and I hear my brother saying "haji fill kurr" over and over and loudly too. Change the record. I'm to take my mum to the hospital for the injection. Always telling  me the day before.
Tom Green on The Wright Stuff. Had not recognised. Not proving popular with the viewers.
Just passed this blonde in grey top with nice tits. Low hanging and big. The one in front has a nice ass.
I am watching Assassin's Creed starring Michael Fassbender. The subtitles and prologue text are too small. Based on the video game. Trying to get a grasp on the story. Somewhat like the Matrix, Source Code, Quantum Leap. An artifact is being searched for by the Knight's Templar. The Assassins are against them. A man on deathrow has been hooked up to a machine and it transports him to the time of his ancestors. You might also like Gods And Monsters, Gladiator, Dracula Untold.
Good special effects and music. Jeremy Irons, Marion Cotilard also star.
Not getting some of it and I was getting sleepy.

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