Saturday, 28 January 2017

What a day- Greg Laswell

There was this sexy blonde with a perfect ass in Tesco Rushes Loughborough. Always like a nice tight ass as I saw on a brunette in blue camouflage leggings.

The women on the reception desk at the Charnwood Borough Council seemed abit rude. Especially to this oap and a woman who was after something about home repairs.

BBC Pointless there is this fit blonde called Iona on the podium with her grandfather. She was out in round 1 before and is again thanks to grandad. Jordan and his mate would hook up with Iona. I have no interest in the show. Aired 24/1/17. See the tweets.

I wasn't the only one that found Alex Kingston's American accent to be ridiculous in the tv show Arrow.

Itv The Chase and this fat woman Stephanie is shit at her questions. 24/1/17 Itv1. £3,000 in quick fire round. Geoff says pass without buzzing. They beat the chaser which I didn't think would happen. Steph will be gutted that she won't get a share of the prize fund and rightly so. #deadwood
In the Celebraties edition Gemma Merna did not answer a single question in the final round.

I am watching this psychological horror called Danika. I hear the next door neighbours laughing loudly amongst themselves and pause the film to record them and they are quiet. Like Danika I have no fucking idea what is going on. The main character is annoying and should meet a grisly end. I am thinking of skipping scenes. The nanny and the son's girlfriend are hot. Marisa Tomei stars. You might have seen Dark Water, The Babadook, Triangle, Premonition, Dead End. Some twist ending. I will need to look at the reviews and discussions about this film. Nice end credits song.

I have found a few different DVDs that my brother has. I watched 28 Week Later. A Danny Boyle film. T2 Trainspotting is in cinemas now.
I am watching Lost Souls. I may have seen it before. Winona Ryder, John Hurt, Ben Chaplin (Apple Tree Yard). You may have seen End Of Days, Fallen, Deliver Us From Evil, Constantine, Devil, The Devil's Advocate, The Exorcism Of Emily Rose, The Last Exorcism, The Exorcist.
Read the books I Have The Sight by Rick Wood, Nightfall by Stephen Leather.

Undercover Brother starring Eddie Griffin is a parody of blacksploitation films. Released 2003. One scene in particular talks about a black man running for president. Years before Obama. Good selection of music. You might like I'm Gonna Get You Sucka, Double Take. Denise Richards looks hot. Dave Chappelle had the best dialogue. See Def Comedy Jam DVDs.

Another tweet gets someone in trouble, I know the feeling. Bill Kintner. Ewan McGregor avoided going on GMB because of a comment Piers Morgan made. Why are the news paying attention to Paris Jackson? Usain Bolt has to hand back a gold medal because his colleague Nesta Carter took a banned substance. The tv connection keeps playing up. I would like to step away from the health and beauty industry. What I am not about. Some women are, I just use their holes for fun.
Teaching Assistants getting paid full time wages for working part time hours. Protest about a 25% pay cut. Another ridiculous protest by Nottingham Forest fans. It is only a game. BBC Breakfast had two NFL players that looked good. The sports reporter mentioned uk sports comparing it to American football. The subtitles were stupid. Lolling freezing? Capshaw aka capsule.
The insufferable Sam Bailey was on the Wright Stuff again. ‭0161 399 3782‬ Manchester called, claims to be from Hmrc. Selena Gomez in the video Hands To Myself. Nice body. Zara Larson is hot. There is the annoying but pretty girl presenting the UK Music Video Chart on 4Music. Notts Tv the tits on Rebecca Wall a trainee person at a call centre. Speaking of which the new ad with pretty women with nice tits. I didn't go to the gym which I still could do. Nice ad on Ellen for this alcohol barista machine. I was thinking of buying poppers but it isn't the best idea as the money should be used for essential. I should go online and apply for work. Alot of oaps in the audience of this bowls event.
Watching Super Troopers. A police comedy like Police Academy. Nice shot of the waitresses pert breasts. Plenty of banter. Highway patrol in Vermont USA. Brian Cox, Linda Carter and a familiar faces star. Good soundtrack. German hot woman with nice tits. Jumping on the bed at Thorny's house. For some reason I thought that I saw Ryan Reynolds.

I was in Poundstretcher Loughborough being served and this muslim black girl with glasses asked the cashier about some baking item. The cashier said just a moment and the girl goes "what?" Stupid bitch. She is serving a customer. Queue up behind me.
Twatty next door neighbours making noise again. An exorcism or anal sex gone wrong, maybe the lad has ejaculated into the eyes the screamer. I tried recording the conversation but I seem to get white noise. I can hear them clearly but the fucking phone is muffled.
Wdytya with Sir Ian McKellen was interesting. Catch it on BBC iPlayer.

Death In Paradise bbc1 this fit honey assistant to the detective. She is part of the police force. Florence is her name I believe. Some strange shit on The Cult Next Door bbc2. See the tweets. Some graphic sex depicted. 'Forced her to lick his anus' Cult leader likes rimming.

BBCQT a man that must've been asleep asks a question about Trump and Brexit when they've moved onto another topic. Wrightstuff an audience member has great cleavage. Fucking weird ad for Fab Bingo. The Apprentice Jessica Cunningham is in the Big Brother house. Didn't take long. The housemates aren't important.

Tashmeena had abit of an attitude.

England football fan, idiot and racist Christopher Cole had pushed a Polish builder onto the tube tracks because he was angry at Russian fans behaviour during Euro 2016. A former law judge and his assistant defrauded their clients. He used the money to keep the company afloat and she used it for holidays, mortgage payments and a hot tub. Typical woman. In the voice of the Green Arrow "Simon Kenny and Emma Coates, you have failed this city". Some tweet going viral makes the news. Molly Mae is her name, I'm just wondering if she is attractive.

My brother comes in to ask me to empty the washing machine not sure what his excuse was. He loaded it. It was late at night and I was asleep. My mum is talking to herself.

It was my last day with Chey. She contributed alot to Savers. I wish her the best of luck in her new job.

I did serve some pretty girls, two were of Greek descent. Another was this blonde.

I dreamt that there was this battle between machines. Miniature spaceships. Drones in a Star Wars theme. Firing at each other. The good guys had a large wingspan like the aeroplane. Quick firing laser guns. They also had a blue whale that attacked a man and wrapped him up in harnesses.
The baddies had a few guns up front. White with orange and blue stripes. I cleaned the house. It was being used as a hotel. A call from the council.

At Puregym Loughborough there is a dark haired girl in purple top with nice cleavage. A hot blonde that is always here. With her phone strapped to her chest. This blonde in a beige v neck t-shirt with nice cleavage. I was next to them. Should have taken a pic. A curvy brunette with big tits. A blonde in white pattern t-shirt sat on the mat. Saw a nice arse on the pigtails girl. Nice tanned blonde with the instructor. This blonde in black gym kit with tattoos over her shoulder and arms. Nice. Just seeing her bend over, that ass in the air.
Some keys left by some guy that I thought belonged to him didn't. There was this blonde in black kit with orange shoes. Lying back on a bench with a dumbbell in the air. She had fantastic tits. Just seeing the cleavage and I intended on taking a picture. I am sure that I wasn't the only guy to notice. My phone kept going off maybe it is karma or cosmic justice where it does it deliberately knowing what I would do. She has put her top on now. I have an opportunity then I should take it.

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Friday, 20 January 2017

Gangsta - Kehlani

‭01252 592130‬ Aldershot Debt Advisory company. Out of date systems, charge upfront fees. Block and ignore.
The blonde that was rude to me before Xmas was back in again. However she was polite this time and not so moody. For some reason I was getting into conversation with her. She had lots to carry. Karma is a bitch. She wore black leggings, straight blonde hair, nose ring. Articulate and snooty. I forgive her anyway. No more thought to be given about this. Hyper Music - Muse Karma Police- Radiohead my So much stock from the delivery left over. One lady almost left without paying. Muse-Megalomania
Some lad in a hoody had knocked on the door or used the letterbox. I open the door to find no one there. He comes out and is stumbling away. Came out from behind the bins where the back gate is. I watched him go down the street. He was slim in a blue hoody. No idea wtf that was about.

I am watching The Purge Election Year cert 15. One guy Leo (Frank Grillo) from Anarchy is now a bodyguard for a politician that is anti purge played by Elizabeth Mitchell who looks hot. The Nffa is pro purge and want it to remain that way. More understanding of why the purge began. Blumhouse Films 2016. Make America Great Again. It came out in cinemas and DVD during the Trump/Clinton election. Great timing. They should have the Predator or superheroes on the night. Great special effects and acting. A good soundtrack. Mykelti Williamson also stars. Universal Pictures. A few bonus features. Good way to tie up the story. Superb costume.

I dreamt that I was at some auction or presentation and there was a baby bottle of cold white coffee in it worth around £8. I spoke to a friend after seeing this young Arabic mother wanted the bottle but had no money. I was looking up at the blue sky, white clouds were drifting. I was thinking of my old college friend Katherine and she was on another planet. I was saying "come back Katherine all is forgiven". Planes flew overhead. A mini space shuttle approached and it had been shrunk. On the other side of the road was a button to unshrink the ship and it's passengers who were Davina McCall and some celebrities.
I have not kept track of my bank balance. I lent money which I must get back immediately.
I rented films and purchased items which I could have avoided.
I am reading Descendant Of Hell by Rick Wood. It is book 2 about Edward the gifted demon hunter. You might have watched Supernatural, The Exorcist, Deliver Us From Evil, Constantine, The Vatican Tapes, The Conjuring, Insidious.
NottsTv Dale Storr a Brit pianist influenced by New Orleans music. Dr Johns, Jools Holland.
Three times now my mother has shouted at someone now. To herself, see my recordings on SoundCloud.
From the director of The Conjuring comes Lights Out. A horror cert 15. Liking the theme music on the DVD menu. Teresa Palmer is hot. She was in The Grudge 2, Gabriel Bateman (Mama) plays her boyfriend. Alexander Dipersia, Billy Burke, Maria Bello, Alicia Vela-Bailey also star. Andi Osho plays the social worker, I knew she looked familiar. You may have seen Vanishing On 7th Street, Mama, The Apparition, Pulse, The New Daughter, Boogeyman, Ouija, Paranormal Activity, It Follows and this film which also takes place in the dark. A few I remember. Sinister events took place in a woman's past. She has mental health issues. Her young son lives with her. Her daughter comes along to take care of the boy. There is an entity that refuses to let go. Deleted scenes included.
I have DC Comics Arrow season one to watch. Rented from the library. Cert 15. Story about the superhuman Green Arrow. You may have seen Smallville, Gotham, Supergirl, Lois & Clark, Superboy, The Adventures Of Superman, Batman And Robin, Marvel Agents Of Shield. Laurel has nice boobs. It is interesting. Warner Bros 2012. Make believe. He gets things done within the episode. A bow and arrow against men with guns and he seems to survive and win. The discs skip. Could see less of Laurel and unnecessary characters like Thea and the love story. Concentrate on Oliver and the action.
‭020 3666 4358‬ Domestic & General called whilst I am watching the series.
Teens in Delhi earned a Darwin Award for taking a Selfie on the tracks of an incoming train. Some moron and Trump tweeted using a wrong username and so the media woke Ivanka Majic at 6am about this. How is this news? Dumbass.
Some cunt in Ireland wears fake tan and the Bbc Red Button reports this.
Fuck off with your cringeworthy Warner Leisure Hotels ads. My mum shouted three times, talking to herself again. The Wright Stuff the callers about the civil court rape case. They have strong accents and barely audible. Holy is Jamaican or Polish. George is Scottish.
This fit blonde in tight grey leggings and black sports bra doing squats. She is doing these back leg stretches and it is a nice view. On the running machine. I could sneak up and take a quick pic. No one will know what I am upto. I carried on training and went for a walk after. She was gone.
Saw another blonde that has just arrived, she has an ellesse top with nice cleavage. There is another in a Nike top with a slogan. Saw this strawberry blonde in a red t-shirt. I would take a picture given the opportunity. Just go up and not give a shit. The pt's girlfriend is hot. Tanned with med brown hair in all black kit with a Nike logo. I also saw this lovely blonde with a nice arse. There is a blonde in pink t-shirt with pert tits. My phone ran out of power. There is an Asian or tanned girl in green t-shirt with Brazil on it and black leggings.
Hey how you doing is the message that I got from danb19942 someone no longer on youngstudentslut dissapeared. Probably didn't even read my message. Good thing that I saved her picture as I knew that this would happen.
The guy that was going to buy multiple packs of paracetamol is related to and what works for the shopkeeper that tried to buy the same before. I mentioned them previously. He said he was from Leicester. The shop is in Loughborough.
The faggots at ‭01509 358801‬ called me again.
There is a new Rihanna Kiss EDP on sale in Savers and Superdrug right now.
I dreamt that I was at a swingers party or a brothel. I was going to hook up with this 50something woman. Bit that didn't happen. There were these toy like things. Similar to blow up dolls. Some mention of a scaffolding where the guests were having sex. There was a ride over a 50 ft drop. A slide with rope attached to the participants. Many special effects for comedy. Spiders in holes etc.
I also had a dream where I wondered what would happen to someone getting swallowed by a tornado or hurricane. Possibly sent upwards to the edge of the atmosphere and into space.
I was also facing some racist nationalists. One worked at Poundland. He had to ditch his uniform. There was a journalist on the scene. I had special powers and sent flames towards her and the couple. Something enveloped them. I flew away.
My mum was talking to herself. A large outstanding balance owed to the council. Thanks to my brother. He asks to borrow money again. There is nothing. I expect the money owed to me to be paid in full on payday. No more bullshit. The service should be stopped until the balance is settled. So an instalment plan was set up that they aren't sure of.
I was taking a nap and the silly woman was talking to herself repeating a few phrases. Again she carries on and he comes out of his room to say be quiet. Annoying.
The Ellen Show that had a Flip Cup Frenzy the woman on the red team after the bloke. Seemed to sabotage the game or she was just useless. Drinking very slowly and unable to flip the cup.
!mpossible BBC and the woman Sarah didn't go with her instincts and got the question wrong on the Rembrandt board. Fucking show like Itv This Morning is only really aimed at women. See The Wright Stuff and Alex Polizzi possibly thought that the athletes on the bikes were to blame when it was the person in the car driving up the wrong side of the road.
Another customer that didn't know about the 2 paracetamol rule. The Manager was being an arse. Talk about stating the obvious. Some people are awkward.
That Asian girl was back with her nice ass. A few pretty girls around this time. The hot blonde with her kettleballs. I didn't do much training. Work is pissing me off. Fuck it.

The delivery went as well as it could have. Just outside there was a blind man with a guide dog and he almost went into the leaflet stand and was ranting about suing the shopkeeper. There was this teen girl with her cleavage on show, in this weather too. There was an emergency at the Nottingham store and my manager had to shoot off there. I was to finish at 9am but stayed until 12pm. I started at 4:30am. These two little girls had flashing lights on their trainers.

What is the point of having protests as Donald Trump is now in the White House? During the Inaugeration on the BBC. This blonde woman with glasses giving a commentary kept cutting off the other two gents. This shit that I have been pointing out for ages.

I am to be charged by my bank £70 overdraft fees. For a week in December. Why it is coming out now I do not know.
The adt taxi man was to do one job getting my mum to the daycentre at the address that he was provided. He had two places on his phone. My mum couldn't remember or know the bloody address or have any contact phone numbers. I rang the council and was on hold for a while. I got called into work as the delivery was unfinished. It would not happen when I am there. Try ringing the bank and it gets awkward as they try to get a coherant answer out of my mother as she doesn't speak much english. Some instalment plan and cheque payment to be made to the council. The account went into arrears due to my brother borrowing money. The lady Priti on the phone was quite stern. He got us into this mess and I have to get us out of it. There was talk of getting people to contribute £5 towards flowers and a card for the assistant manager that is leaving. I have no money to spare. I remember the other day when I reminded a customer about the paracetemol limit. The wife was 'oh you can't overdose on the painkillers now' no need to be sarky dickhead.

I have seen a hot blonde in slim black gym kit. On a stepper. Nice arse. Mixed raced girl in this room and a redhead in brown t-shirt that is pretty. I saw another blonde with a pert arse. I could imagine fitting my cock in between those cheeks. My phone has a glitch. Wanted to take a picture. There is this pretty, tall blonde in addidas leggings and black vest.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Heathens - Twenty One Pilots

Charlotte Elcock the pole dancer business owner. Fantastic body and beautiful eyes. On Ninja Warrior Uk. Capital B Zoe on The Voice Uk.

My manager Chey is leaving for a new job.

There was a guy from Leicester that wanted to buy about 15 paracetamol products when you can only buy 2. It is the law. This shoplifter woman was in yesterday. Drunk with a deep voice. She had put three bottles in her bag and left the shop. The Manager went after her. The 'lady' would not hand over the items and would rather go to prison. She was in today morning unsuccessful so came back this afternoon and I rang security. Again she left with nothing. She is 40something. In a green coat. Brown hair. Walks with a limp.
Two police cars and an ambulance came for some drunk guy. Apparently pissing up the wall. Someone had fallen over.

Nice body on the blonde in white T-shirt and black leggings on the running machine. Again this blonde in black had a nice arse. Just saw this petite brunette walk by. Sd Card full again. The brunette in green t-shirt has nice legs and the tall brunette in blue top with huge tits. Can't take a pic. Funny that. The blonde with her attractive boyfriend are training together. Nice arse.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

High Alert - Netsky ft Sara Hartman

The Voice Uk a girl that looks like Jessie J is called Truly Scrumptious and she is. Her mum Nicki Ford is a milf.
Stunning actress that plays Amy in Disney's The Kid.
Four In A Bed on More4. Castley Camp. Imogen is fit. Nice tits too. profile Lexi X, Youngstudentslut, Leicsgal are hot. here is what guys have said about her stud967 (31), Man on 18 December 2016 by Meeting in person:
Met this horny student girl before. .great ass and has that happy go lucky attitude the world needs more off...hope to see you again soon xxx
Tallrunner (34), Man on 18 December 2016 by Meeting in person:
Met this naughty student at Fosse park last night.....Was meant to be for a coffee and a wander around shops but she was hungry for me! A quick kiss on her neck drove her wild....Fingers hands tongues everywhere and juices all over my back seats, she emptied Santa's sacks and didn't spill a drop ;)
I don't quite get this Kik app. It is another messaging app and is meant for younger folks.
My brother constantly takes the piss by asking for money. A call about debt from ‭07502 019217‬. I knew better than to answer. An Indian man spoke with a really thick accent.
‭0800 056 8937‬ Provident called apparently. They weren't sure why I was called. Left me a voicemail. Can't get onto filling my tax return. Again I don't have the relevant info to hand. The info is different to what they have and I am submitting it too early.
I was serving some pretty blonde with black mascara and piercings when I asked if she needed a bag. Her red head friend with piercings laughs and imitates what I asked. Why? Fuck knows. Dirt Of Your Shoulder - Jay-Z
I did see a man wearing an inflatable dinosaur costume. Went through the town centre and into McDonald's. 6" tall it was.
You received a new message on from PornstarCock,
ld1993, foxywolf. One of them is straight yet messages me. Leicsgirl read my message I guess. Deleted it. I guess she isn't interested. Worth checking out the pics. Attractive older woman but I'm outside of her age range. same with this one. Wanting people to come around this evening to fuck the girlfriend. Most profiles are not looking for single men and some it's whites only. Scoli for example which has the Attentionseeker lady as a separate profile. I'll just save their pics and maybe share them with you. Welcome to 2017 Jay-Z - 99 Problems
Suicide Squad. Liking the opening House Of The Rising Sun. Good soundtrack. Follows on from Dawn Of Justice. Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Ben Affleck, Cara Delavigne, Joel Kinnaman, Jai Courtney, Jay Hernandez, Viola Davis. Learning about these other characters. DC characters make an appearance. The Flash, Batman. The Joker is different from previous versions. Creepier and like Jim Carey. Good casting. Superb effects. Gotham's most wanted have been taken out of prison and put on a mission. They are hard to control. Justice League is out in cinemas later this year. Somewhat like an alien film mixed with The Mummy. Justice League Dark is an animated film on DVD soon.
The girls replying to Pani from The Undateables clearly want the D. Some pretty girls. See @Solance @KerryMeeGee @AllysonMaddison @LadyJoJo88 @sophhyd3 who has nowt to do with the tag.
Tits on her
@AshleighLaura88 same name on Instagram.
@elliem941 @anabxlla_
Nice tits, shame about the face @bexy_x3
Tasty @Kate_Sohatski
Last but not least‏ @katealice_ @Philda_Nomacala @kate_neill
So the floor is wet as the tap doesn't get shut properly, there is a leak. As my brother borrowed money I don't have any for repairs.
If news of the tube and train strikes were on why would you still go to the station and not make alternative arrangements?
So a couple that were happy with the service given by the waitress in a Virginia restaurant wrote on the reciept "great service don't tip black people"
London ‭020 8068 0839‬ missed call. Try ringing back and it ends immediately. More spam. This blocked number ‭01753 441503‬ tried to call me.
I dreamt that I was at a gym and I would be there late and perhaps the Manager was looking for extra staff. I spoke with a guy that also lost his job over social media. There was an episode of Mrs Brown's Boys where the grandmother haunted the family as her door to the room had been left open after 11pm.
I thought about these holiday and property shows and white flight. Ch5 A New Life In Oz. People are slating the family from Manchester. The nan passed away and some seem to gloat.
I am watching Gods Of Egypt. Good trailers for Arrival, Now You See Me 2, The Girl On The Train. Some shit M&M ad Scott's home early is cringeworthy. My mother is talking to herself 'ben 10' or some shit. Egypt with some Caucasian cast. The bloke that steels a dress is handsome. Zya is pretty with nice tits. Pretty women with nice boobs aplenty. Gerard Butler stars. You might have seen Pompeii, The Mummy, The Scorpion King, Thor, Gods And Monsters, Jason And The Argonauts.
The god of darkness Set takes over Egypt. Horace the god of air will have to save his people. Gratuitous cleavage shots. Elodie Yung, Courtney Eaton, Brenton Thwaites. Nice special effects noting the bridge with the traps. See the reviews. Looked good from the trailer. Imaginative scenes. Cgi is obvious. Beke is a thief that teams up with Horace.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Rebel Rebel - David Bowie

I had dreamt that I was at my cousin's house and he had a flag outside his door and part of the top window pane was broken. I tried to fit the top back in. I was hanging out with some guys. I would see them in an hour. I wanted to see if this snack was saved for my brother.

There is this Ria Sharma. An Asian American woman that is a Trump supporters. Has something against liberals. She is the type of person that the right dislike. East Indian if you like.

Namby Pamby complaints by viewers on BBC Newswatch. How a certain word is used. The news is telling it like it is. Reporting on a celebrity death is news.

Dec 10
I might write in to #bbcnewswatch to complain about the people who complain on BBC news watch
View details ·
Nick Nilsson-Bean
Dec 10
I've said similar before, but the people who write in to #bbcnewswatch must be the most miserable people alive

Weird that I read of Uk tax money going to an Ethiopian girl band called Yegna. Girl Effect Programme is a women's charity.

Singhburys is a indie shop and some customers of Sainsburys raised concerns and so there was objection to the man using a sign similar to the brand.

My mum is up again and talking to herself. Woke me up. Now talking Ben bollocks.

Crazy Chinese man telling the Bailiffs that they are going to hell. There was the episode where the Irish dad didn't want the guys there and his rocker son was being a violent cock. An old man who is loud and evasive. Mr Fox owns a plane.
Ch5 Can't Pay We'll Take It Away.

Well that was a shit delivery. Even though management emptied most cages. We worked through the stock on the floor and had the other cages and totes left. Two days worth of stock. General Manager has a complaint about how people were conducting themselves on a night out.

I'm getting messages on I want to meet some women from first at the club or on the site.

I found this link

Herbs that Effectively Treat Erectile Dysfunction
Tongkat Ali. This herb has been used by men for many years and has been referred to as Asian Viagra because it's made from the roots of a tree that grows in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. ...
Schisandra. ...
Tribulus terrestris. ...
Ginseng. ...

Oh good god. Listening to the worst type of man talking to his hairdresser about women & online dating. "She wasn't anything to look at..."
View details ·
"And the trouble is, all these average women all think they're incredible because there are so many desperate men messaging them..."
View conversation ·
I have half a mind to give him a proper dressing down. It's not them, it's you, mate. Your attitude is the dirt worst.
View conversation ·
He is now talking about this younger, "gorgeous Lithuanian model" he's dating. "Dating" πŸ€”
View conversation ·
He just said "fucking an actual model is definitely a box to be ticked". He said box in the creepiest way imaginable. πŸ™„πŸ€’πŸ™… I unfollowed this whiny woman.

I am in the bath timing correctly till the pizza delivery comes. There is a knock and my brother tells me that he is here. But it was a false alarm. I rang at 14:44. They said 40-50 minutes and it is now 15:52. So how the fuck did they come earlier and why hadn't someone checked outside? All I see are cars passing by. Papa Johns Loughborough. Just as I typed the last few sentences the driver arrives. These kids are in my garden asking about the guy's moped.

Going to City Celts there is probably going to be more men than women. There aren't really any attractive women there. I will knock it on the head if that is so. Women on are picky. Sometimes I don't have the money to travel or just can't be arsed.

Enterprise car ad with a sexy Spanish woman.

The Good Karma Hotel on ITV is a new show that will gain some fans. Love the tweets on The One Show about Gary Barlow and his show Let It Shine, also tax evasion gets a mention. Take That - Never Forget

I read the Trinket Box and it ended in a bizarre way. Really needed more to the story. Some of these free ebooks are proving to be disappointing.

The Man Who Fell To Earth. Attractive women with nice tits.

At the gym the women cycling arched forward and I can see cleavage. A blonde in blue top doing squats and I saw nice cleavage. A slim brunette in black that was on the stepper. Short blonde with pig tails is nice. A thirtysomething brunette in grey t-shirt with huge tits. This petite blonde with a nice side parting haircut. With Puma top and striped black and grey leggings. Also the hot yummy mummy in black with dyed red hair and see through top is back. The squats area was free and the guy with the two girls that was there before came back to it. A blonde in late 20s in a figure hugging black gym kit. Some slim young pretty blonde. This brunette in tight grey tee and blue leggings and white headphones. Nice tits. This blonde in a white top and black leggings just turned up and she has fab tits and arse. Doing squats now. There is a tall brunette with a low cut top with huge tits. Another slim brunette in a black tee with striped leggings. This mixed race girl in blue camouflage leggings has a nice body. There was this young blonde in striped top. I should get some pics. Trying to be discreet and the camera is never at a good angle. So many honeys. Bruno Mars - Runaway Baby

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Lionel Richie - Hello

I was busy and listening to a song when this no calls. Search online to find the following.

PHONE NUMBER: 007507522619
Type: International call from Russia

Average rate:Dangerous
Number of searches:50
Number of comments:12
Last checked:05/01/2017

Inform your friends about this phone number by sharing on:

I blocked call...not from UK.....

Ur mum

00 7 (507) 522-61-9

Missed call but wouldn't have answered as obviously not uk call.

Hmmmm calling from Russia - didn't answer. If important should leave a message. Clearly a few have had this today.

Hung up...obviously not a uk number...looking at similar sites the caller is going to help you write off half your not answer!.....or ring back as its a Russian number!

Hung up as it's obviously not local....looking at similar sites it appears the caller is going to write 50% of your debts off.

Unsolicited call about debts I didn't have another nuisance call, I hung up

I hung up on viewing 0075....not from UK ;)

Silent call. Then they hung up

Didn't answer the call

It was a guy saying he was from citizen advice and I have been selected to write off 50% of my debt. I hung up.

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Called this morning at 09:30 Asian voice claimed to be from Microsoft. I couldn't be bothered to keep them hanging on so just put the phone down. 1471 revealed their number. when dialled the number was not recognisable.

I blocked call...not from UK.....

This number is still active. A woman with a heavy accent called today claiming to be from Accident Helpline, this was a verification call to confirm the details of my recent car accident. I told her it was a scam, had not had an accident, never to call me again and hung up, so we didn't get to the 'please give me lots of personal details' part of the scam.

Was told its carphone warehouse, fake!

Was told it was car phone warehouse about an upgrade that's due. ITS NOT THEM!

He asks simple questions to answer yes or no ... I predict they will use the aswers for credit fraud or sth similar. Immediately disconnect.

Same short silence then I am xxx from whatever Prevention service. How are you Mam? Would be better if you had not called me. What do you want? and then the line went dead...

Donna called today ,very plausible lady with all details of a possible refund,had same call before Christmas from Drew!! Both wanting £65 said I wanted to check it out before doing anything.Will not be following it up with them as think it is probably a big scam phone no given was 03003034570

First said he wanted to talk about problems with my computer. I hung up so he called from another number. I didnt pick up. Next day i got a call from a private number and what sounded like the same asian accent saying he was jake wilson from microsoft. I told him i dont have a computer and after several seconds of silence he hung up

This number has called me more than once, and as I either put the phone down or leave the phone next to the radio, they then call a 2nd time purely to annoy.

scam call do not call or text back or you will be charged. scumbags using automated message claiming to be from fraud department. they seem to know the last 4 digits of an expired debit card of mine but as above they claim to be from halifax fraud dept but i have never had an account with halifax in my life. DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS NUMBER TEXT OR CALL

o8oo9524875 keeps calling me, but i dont reconize the number. Been told it O2, but its a scam?

Nuisance male

Rang at 10.30. Dead line

Man claim to be from BT saying my internet connection will be shut down for 2 weeks. I know it's a scam so Told him "Great. Your colleague already say that this morning. Why haven't you done so." He hung up.

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Scanty Sandwich - Slam Dunk

Half arsed session at the gym and I knew that my card payment would be declined, so it was pointless going to the shop. That brunette that I served was around 18 I guess with huge tits. She bought two packs of eyelashes.

@geometric is hot. Talking about the gender pay gap. Where as @holymeow_ is being an angry feminist. Can't let go.
Let It Go - Frozen

Antiques Roadtrip and the dealer's tits are interesting. 4/1/17. Catherine at the auction.

BBC Pointless tasty brunette Georgia with her friend Emma on the 4th podium.

CDWM Mignonne in her 50s theme dress. Woking episode. Slight Kate Beckinsale about her mixed with Evie from The Mummy 3. Just saw a trailer for Alien Covenant.

Eminem's daughter is hot and legal. Nye Frankie Newman recipient of Darwin Award.

See the tweets about A Very British Brothel on ch4. Several hot Twitter users.
Ellé Gascoigne‏ @ElleGascoigne
Lauren Morgan‏ @LaurenMorganx
Gemma Campbell‏ @Gemma_Campbell

#ThingsIWontApologizeFor speaking my mind online. Labelling some managers and recruitment consultants as cunts.

I dreamt that I was on some fairground ride. Two other people were in the front. It was like a mini ghost train. We passed this machine which the guy at the front operated. It released money and went and picked them up and handed it to the guy.

#BREAKING: Chicago Police tell FOX 32 that four people are in custody after man tied up, tortured on Facebook Live

Apparently Black Lives Matter supporters. The racists on Twitter are foaming at the mouth.
President @realDonaldTrump, your AG needs to charge the #BLMKidnapping as a HATE CRIME. It was racially motivated!

There was no need to kidnap and abuse the guy. Black lives do matter. Others say BLM were not involved. The #BLMorg DID NOT kidnap that man 3 random frustrated hoodlums did. Don't get it twisted. Black Lives DO matter. #BLMKidnapping

@steely_tweets I don't think all Trump supporters are racists or kkk. Why are you making GENERALIZATIONS based off my race? Racist maybe?

#blacklivesmatter is a terrorist organization in the same vein as ISIS.

Greenday-American Idiot

Thank goodness that I live in the UK.

Either way Jesus Fucking Christ you Americans do amuse me.

Yours sincerely Kishore Mehta. #ff "putting the Great into Britain"

busan babe™

All of the white people in the #BLMKidnapping tag aren't nearly as concerned about the white boy as they are with demonizing black people.
2:26 AM - 5 Jan 2017
busan babe™
"If this happened to a black person there would be riots". White people literally practiced kidnapping black people and lynched them. Stop.
View conversation ·
busan babe™
White people distance themselves from white radical Christians like Dylann Roof and the KKK, but every black person represents BLM. k
View conversation ·
@melaninbarbie pretty sure you called white people racist when they did that. So safe to say these black people are racists too??
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busan babe™
White people want BLM to be the KKK so they can justify their racism. You don't care about that white boy. You care about being racist.
View conversation ·
Victory In Love
@melaninbarbie You seem concerned about him though.
View conversation ·
View conversation ·
busan babe™
White people hate the fact that black people dare say that our lives matter. That we dare to defy white supremacy and demand its dismantling
View conversation ·
Dana Hatred
@melaninbarbie I think either way it was a mentally disabled person, its still a fucking hate crime.
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@melaninbarbie maybe you should stop generalizaing groups of people.
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Victory In Love
@melaninbarbie Still haven't seen one mention saying how wrong heinous this crime is. πŸ€”
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busan babe™
The actions of individuals do not reflect all of black lives matter. No matter how much white people want it to.

busan babe™ A legend that she is.
If Dylann Roof doesn't represent all white, heterosexual, Christian males, then individuals do not represent the whole of BLM.

Some attractive women on there spewing bile and hatred eg
I guess that is White Privilege for you. Anyway I am done with this topic.

Kim Burrell saying something homophobic and her appearance is cancelled on The Ellen Show.

Roll Deep-Racist People
Public Enemy-Fight The Power Muse-hyper music

Waiting for D&G repair man to fix washing machine. Might as well have a new one. Not going to have enough for tap repair. Not enough money earned. Boiler is still running. Brother can pay for it if he wants it looked at. He was asking the repair man about that. Stupid really. It isn't his job. I am not lending any money out. Using my hard earned cash on myself. People coming to this country should learn English. Jeremy Edwards being in disagreement on The Wright Stuff. The German lady was making sense then goes on about ethnic accents. They are speaking English though. Clinton aide used 'password' for a password. No wonder they were hacked. Slipknot-Duality

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

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BBC Sport‏ @BBCSport

A Paralympian athlete was forced to wet herself on a train because it didn't have a working disability toilet (link:

2:58 pm · 3 Jan 2017



13hNathan‏ @WAFCNathan

@BBCSport do it in a bottle then


13hGavriel Seitler‏ @Gavriel01

@BBCSport like @GaryLineker

13hConnor‏ @ConnorChilly

@BBCSport I really couldn't care less you freaks


13hJ@ck‏ @iiStaples

@BBCSport What a spastic


13hDonald St Pierre‏ @Rimouskisherrif

@BBCSport i would sue there asses big time if it would be me

12hZahid Sardar‏ @zed82

@BBCSport What's her being an Olympian have do to with the story? Does it entitle her to special treatment above others with disabilities?


12hJames Cook‏ @CookieJDC

@BBCSport and then tell the whole world about it...


12hBroadway Lamb‏ @heretodaymaybe

@BBCSport and.....We've all been places with no toilet. Haven't just pissed in protest though.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Lover Not A Fighter - Tinie Tempah

I dreamt that I was at work and I had gone into the stockroom and discovered this middle aged man that had come out of the toilet which was for staff use only. I asked him to leave. A mature man was just outside also wanting to come in but I told him the same thing. I closed the door and they were talking about how easy it was to gain access. I am outside and they seem to be around. This is the car park and delivery area behind the shops. Two drivers are arguing with two mothers with their kids. I decided to report this too my manager and she was just wearing a towel which was slipping off so I had to avert my eyes and leave her for a bit. I am in some room with people and the two guys are back wanting some fun. I leave.
In another scene I am sat at a lecture beside me are many soldiers, some with right wing opinions. It was bizarre. I remember having a conversation with two Hollywood stars.

Part of the dream stems from some guy that did go into the stockroom and was caught by the boss. Another I did silver service at Bullwell army base and we were to strictly serve food. Wine was already provided and any other drinks the soldiers would have to get from the bar. Unfortunately I had a bunch of pricks on mine. "I bet you hate your life" I was going to shake hands with the numbnuts that started but thought better of it. Maya Angelou - Still I Rise

Stacey Tierney found dead in a strip club, Ryan Lock VB with no military experience killed in action over in Syria. Rocky Uzzell blames a ghost for him abusing his daughter. Either serious mental health issues or just drugs. The Istanbul shooter has been named, I imagine that he is in hiding. Sloshing on the homeowner's cock. A paralympian wet herself as there wasn't any disabled toilets on the train.
Must look up more on that.

The Trinket Box which I am reading. One spelling error 'now' instead of 'know' upon the character meeting Ralph.
The property show Cowboy Builders on ch5 3/1/17. Marion Mussa's youngest daughter Nadia is hot.

I dreamt that I was discussing Jesus and saying that he did not exist. The other thing being he was just some ordinary man nailed to a crucifix and dead in the desert, no resurrection. I had an mp3 player with so many graphics as the music played. A few games, an equaliser. I had an egg and saw an incubator that already had some in it. They eventually hatched and kept growing. I was worried that they would be cooked.

I served this real pretty blonde. Fake tan on her face and neck. Vicky the care worker was in. Fuck my life I rang Provident call centre about the payment that I would make later. Should have informed the agent. On the database.

This room smells. I hope that it isn't the laundry but is whatever my brother put in the dustbin. So he ties it up. Other times emptying the bin and not replacing the bin. Or leaving the bin downstairs.

Watching The One Show and I was surprised to see the Liz actress from Silent Witness. Had no idea of her disability.

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Monday, 2 January 2017

Camille Saint-Sans - Danse Macabre

In this dream; I was at a home of some students and they would later go out. Some person running across the road almost got run over. The car we were in almost coliding with a taxi. Talking to Will Smith. I did get my cock licked by a naked woman.

Why are the Radford family being given more airtime? The shit is getting boring now.

Texts from Vodafone in the past day.

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Adjusted the lock and trapped myself in the toilet. My brother was woken to find the screwdriver and he was going to get back to sleep when I still needed help. Finally got out.

The delivery from now on out according to company guidelines and my manager would be that the cages and totes would be finished before 9am. Starting at 5am. It has been done before. Another manager had been told as the hours are reduced, that if the delivery team are still working on the delivery after 9 then they would not be getting paid from that time onwards. Now would Savers be allowed to do that?

The people on E4 Virtually Famous more like Apparently Famous.

Come Dine With Me Melissa Kirby a blonde Scottish woman with nice tits.

Some WOS wrestling show on tv now. A fat woman fighting a curvy one. It is a Brit programme. Pays homage to Shirley Crabtree aka Big Daddy. 70s old school entertainment. The Americans have WWE. If you like that then watch this. It is a one off special which aired on Itv1 New Years Eve 2016 at 6pm.

I have only just discovered Mischief Theatre Peter Pan Goes Wrong. A play that would be taken seriously if not for the mishaps. A comedy parody that won an Olivier Award. BBC1. David Suchet narrates. A pantomime filmed in front of a live studio audience. Nice Poirot joke. Some influence from Mel Brookes. I liken this to Horrible Histories.

I have downloaded One Way Ticket by William Cook and A Is For Antichrist by Ian Rob Wright. The first eBook had a short story which I didn't expect. An excerpt follows and then what looks like a poem but is in fact a story that makes no sense so I kept skipping through it. Waste of time. The second book is short and better. Nice horror stories. Practically one chapter. ad gone all Frozen.

Fucking Cheerleaders on BBC Breakfast at 7:28 out in Central London. Some hit n run driver of a Volkswagen killed a 12 year old and injured another. A 12 sided £1 coin to be released. What is the point? The current coin is legal tender until Oct 15th. Nice comment from Tony Blackburn on his return to radio. The brunette sports presenter looking hot 1/1/17 bbc1. A politician Chris Corley assaulted his wife. Irony being that he voted for a legislation toughening punishments for domestic violence. Maybe he was just doing some research. Whatever I do online is no reflection of me as a person, the people that I know or the my employer. So no need to be a Snowflake. I was the best worker at Berry Recruitment. Fuck Karen Neale, Rachel Hughes, Berry, Snibston, Leicestershire County Council, Manpower, Emily Cooke (nice arse), the rude customers (here is some Vagisil and tampons, you will be bleeding after I kick you in the cunt) shoplifters, Savers Health And Beauty. Armand Van Helden- You Don't Even Know Me
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hyper Music usic-Muse

It was quiet at work.
Town was dead. Twice I served a pretty blonde in her 20s.
U2-New Year's Day Lily Collins looks stunning in the film Mirror Mirror. Armie Hammer is handsome. Good comedy too.
The people appearing on the Eharmony ad aren't on the site. Just a fictional scenario.

I had this dream where I was at three different jobs in the space of a few hours. At the nightclub helping out and earning a quick buck. At the shop picking up several clothing items. Also at the catering firm. Previous to that I would go to McDonald's restaurant about a job. The Manager was to train me and some others. Two different sorts of meat, hard and soft would require cutting using specialist equipment. She decided not to bother.
Again I am at the gym and see this locker which is actually a charity donation box. I opened It to see £2 in it. I slip in 5p and look around and then take it back. I am in the street and my younger brother has purchased items for turntables and they look like kitchen rolls. I decide to go to the shop and am running whilst leaning forward.

I saw this nice brunette with nice cleavage in all black at the gym. Some blonde on the running machine. Some girls had put the setting high on the Power plate machine.

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Subject: Your Hotpoint repair booking : 1506137195
From: Hotpoint Repair Team <>

Thank you for booking your repair with Hotpoint Service.
Please take a moment to check the details of your repair booking below. If you have supplied us with a mobile number we will also text you an appointment reminder and an updated engineer arrival time. Your Booking Reference Number: 1506137195 Date:05/01/2017 Time:07:15 to 20:00 Appliance:WD865A Check the above appointment details and your availability Make sure your appliance is accessible to repair Please ensure a parking permit is available if required Remember to ask your engineer about appliance care LIVE CHAT Available here CALL US 0344 822 4224 Contact UsTerms of UseRepair TermsCookie PolicyPrivacy Policy

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Azzido Da Bass Dooms Night Stanton Warriors Remix

Some Chinese student lad on a bike which had a motor sound. He came up from Greenclose Lane, Loughborough onto Swan St. The green man shows and me and two ladies are about to cross. #twat

Money Monster starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jack O'Connell. Cert 15. Thriller. Financial Tv Host Lee Gates and his producer Patty are put in an extreme situation when an investor that lost everything takes over the studio. He is armed and dangerous. You may have seen Phone booth and The Wolf Of Wall Street, Die Hard With A Vengeance. 2016 Columbia Pictures. Many special features included. Directed by Jodie Foster. CEO Walt played by Dominic West. Jack is a rising star from Derby. Acting with legends. Did Jack have vocal training on his American accent? See the reviews. A good cast. Some characters are likeable and others are not. Good dialogue, especially the speech by Lee. Never seen Clooney dance. The Irish actress Caitriona Dalfe and the brunette producer Lara Alameddine of this film are hot. Good end credits music.

I dreamt that I was at the fair. There was an office which a ginger curly haired young man sat. I had a flyer with information on it. Three dates in September had special events which you could book now. Prices were written on the other side. One event was a balloon ride. You would be straddling the balloon or on a seat underneath it. There were queues for it. 
I was at the gym and saw two fit brunettes, both tanned and one had a nice smile. They were doing a barbell exercisewhere they were bent over a bench. I could see their cleavage. Very nice. Just seen a pretty blonde.