Wednesday, 30 January 2019

The Winstons - Amen Brother

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Lee Zeldin is an American Idiot
0333 678 0270 called me whilst I am in the gym. I look online and a variety of comments are found.
Another Pakistani twat trying to con us - whats new we should have never let this filth into the uk they are at it here and even from Pakistani land!
There is no need for racism.

The delivery was late and it was shit for some of us. No one wanted to answer the bell for the till. The supervisor got it wrong about what was left to work. More totes turned up and I had to stay. I didn't bother having a break. The manager was in the office. My colleague was apparently hiding in the warehouse until it was time to go. Earlier she moaned about the facing. I had done a front face like I was asked. This slim white 20something woman with red hair, spoke loudly on her phone. I knew it was a ruse. She had an empty pink bag for life. They mentioned her on the security radio. All the staff watched her. Silly bitch left.
The other supervisor the day before needed someone to cover as another member of staff called in sick. I was on my way to the gym. I only texted to see if everything was OK. No one was available. The Assistant Manager would have to be called in from her paid holiday. That felt like ransom to me. I cut my training short. In honesty I could have finished, gone home and then come to work later on. Some customers still don't know how to answer a question or use please and thankyou. Like this blonde student in blue jacket. A mature blonde talks in a low voice. The short fat lady never smiles. I see the chap with the suitcase in a better mood. He was suicidal last week. An item that I ordered that I did not receive. I have been asked to wait till the end of the week. It was apparently sent a while ago. So I will contact the Royal Mail sorting office in two towns to see if they can locate it.

A SciFi film from the makers of Saw and Insidious. If you like The Guyver, Iron Man, Venom, Blade Runner, Her, Ghost In The Shell, Terminator, Robocop, The Matrix then check this out. Set in the far future. The protagonist is a mechanic. He has a hot wife. He has learnt about a microchip named STEM which enhances people's abilities. There is a car accident and assault. He vows revenge. Interesting soundtrack. There is humour. Great acting, unique effects. I do have some theories. Interesting plot twist. The police officer was in Get Out. Christopher Reeves in his final years was paraplegic and was campaigning for stem cell research. Cert 15. There was chatter in the next room whilst I was watching the film. 
These MAGA turds need to be destroyed.
At 1:47am my mum decided to come into my room to empty the bin as she does with the other ones. Check out the following book. I quoted the woman's tweet with the search words and link to this blog post. She replies with πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ #AtlasArcher @lenubienne · 2m Amen “brother?” I’m a woman. Fucking moron.
People suggest he may be lying, suicide attempt or sex gone wrong. Maybe it is true and someone is withholding evidence or they just haven't found the culprits.
I just had to unblock the toilet which had been made a mess by others. I don't understand half the shit the students go on about. Not sure why I think some might snobby. People say "just this" well I am going to offer SAS anyway. I wasn't sure what this ginger haired chap in green jacket was up to. Looking at the medics. He had his hands in his pockets at one point. I was going to get more baby milk from the shelf at least look in the draw to see if there was more. The supervisor told me not to and it was being sorted. So I had to tell there was no more and that there is a delivery the next day. Talk about customer service. I am expecting money to be paid back to me. It hasn't happened. There is a lot more than recently. Apparently I was being confusing at Angie's chip shop. The girl was new. I asked for large chips, scampi and curry sauce. The boss there did mention about the menu and what was set out. I had looked at the menu. To be fair I did get extra chips. I have been in that situation before. This person's fiance has cancer and I looked at the timeline to see this.
What exactly is it about? I see this pretty, slim black haired lady. Twentysomething. Tattoo and nice ass. At the gym. A tanned blonde wavy haired lady. Athletic build. Doing a exercise on the squat machine which I have seen another woman do. Sticking her bum out. There was this pretty, slim brunette with crop top. Nice body.

My Dyson cleaner has a broken part. I only emptied it once.

I went to The Short Cut. Barber shop in Loughborough. I got served by the hot blonde lady. I should have washed my hair before. Made it difficult. Someone rings her up and I didn't mind her answering it. A minute on the phone. The same person I reckon rang back. She turned it off. Another barber mentioned the weather, it would snow later on. She stops and looks at him "it isn't?!" I am sat patiently waiting for my haircut to be done. She talks some inane shit about the weather in America. Quite cold it seems. Now I wasn't sure if she was telling me or him. It was a decent haircut. Was she wanting to get rid off me and go back to the phone? She exhaled on me and I smelt something rancid. Vagina or tuna. Who knows. I won't go there again. First time I have been referred to as a client.

I rented The Predator from the library. Saw it at the cinema last year. I happened to be watching when my brother comes in on the phone to the Yahoo call centre. Can't he sort the shit out elsewhere? Needed to use my phone. I other brother clearly isn't doing anything about paying me back.
I got a message from work. They needed me to cover as the Supervisor had to go pick up her kids. Apparently she has a childminder. This is the same person I covered for on Monday. I was facing up when this mature woman approached me for the toilet tissues. There were the 18 pack at £3.99. She spoke about getting 3 of them. Which works out as £11.98. I said that's about right. She says "it's not that's about right, it's £11.98" she decided to leave it and thanked me. Does she suffer from autism or aspergers? Why waste my fucking time you rude cunt? There was a guy that was loud and cheerful. Something about an echo once he said hello.

I had a dream where I was sat amongst celebrities on the floor, all the seats were taken. This was an awards ceremony. I noticed that a lady was in need. So I went to get a Medic. Three people were in those beds on wheels. I flew around, went through a window and was being begged by a guy to let him try. I zapped him and he collapsed as did another. I fell down. I had entered a shop where a former manager was working. She ignored me.

Amusing story on the radio about Ariana Grande's tattoo.

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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Tony Toni Tone - Let's Get Down

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Lesbians In The Kitchen #2

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Nikki Hearts' Strap On
Fucks The World

CATEGORY: Lesbian, All Girl, G/G, Strap-On, Fantasy

STARRING: Keisha Grey, Ivy Lebelle, Jennifer Jacobs, Chloe Carter, Nikki Hearts
RELEASE DATE: 1/22/2018
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The Art Of Tribbing #2

CATEGORY: Lesbian, All Girl, G/G, Tribbing

STARRING: Nikki Delano, Jay Taylor, Raven Rockette, Sheena Ryder, Riley Reynolds, Sinn Sage, Miss Moretti, Brooke Summers
RELEASE DATE: 1/29/2018
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Amber on Countdown is nice. Nice tits on the protesters at the Trump voting booth. Need to see uncensored footage and pics. The sound cuts out on Ch4 News. Trump campaigner is smiling whilst staring at the camera. Looks like Donald has clinched it. That email bollocks had ruined things for Hilary. She didn't use the work email, so? But her colleagues had especially Weiner for sexting. It is their own Brexit. To quote a BBC reporter "I came to a party and left a funeral" I would like to see history made.  Crazy students protesting outside the Whitehouse. The vote has been cast, deal with it. Mind you we have gone from Obama to Trump, going in the wrong direction. For his supporters it seems they want to go back to that pre civil rights era. Or maybe before Obama. Some not wanting to vote for a woman. Welcome to Trumpistan. I noticed that three of the Trump campaigners smiled at the camera whilst being introduced which is weird. Anti-Trump protesters are throwing a hissyfit. Greenday-American Idiot The stuff that I had typed dissapeared. The bitch of a mother doesn't stop saying jewra. Fucking does it again 3:59am through 4:17am. My brother still asks to borrow money and has been told I have none. The British press are pathetic in that there is racism and sexism in the articles about Prince Harry's girlfriend. Ruth Langsford is demented, not everyone is interested in celebrities love lives. It was breaking news on the BBC. Toberolone chocolate is not an important issue. Reading University are overreacting over Paxman comments which haven't been stated what they are. Boycotting University Challenge BBC. #GenerationSnowflake The Secret Life Of 4 Year Olds on ch4, Evie Rae and Fabian's parents need to instill some discipline into their kids otherwise they will be little shits for longer. See what the viewers say #slo4yo They are only toddlers and will change in their teens and adult years. I am glad that I don't have kids. Amelia Rose is well informed. Also see Brielle on The Ellen Show.  Body Freaks Instagram Perfect ch5. More tits and ass. The Last Leg on ch4 tonight. Election special. #isitok This Morning Itv the two black supporters being interviewed now. The one on the right going "that's right" should be some interesting comments on Twitter. #WomenForTrump It's Good To Be A Man Elle King Fucking shoplifter struck. I was facing up the alcohol and did not find anyone suspicious. The redhead was looking at leaflets. I came to the till and she left setting the alarm off. Another lady enquired about the promo and the boss tells me that this woman was also a thief. Fucking hell. I am not at fault. They are the ones commiting criminal acts. I won't dwell on it but will watch out for such individuals and alert staff. Duality Slipknot  BBC Watchdog new series with a different team. Stupid Waitrose complaint. Small section on bank scams. I thought it would be interesting. The fair is in town. I was somewhat apprehensive about taking a photo of the rides. You have to be careful about taking pictures of people especially children.  The xmas ads are on fire. No rota for next week done yet. There was this blonde in an orange sports bra with a nice body but small breasts. The mixed raced girl in black and the brunette in pigtails at Puregym Loughborough were the highlight."|"74.04"|"NextDoorStudios"|"Quentin Gainz Tops Incredibly Hunky First Timer!"|"nextdoorstudios,gay,guy;next;door,hunk,jock,muscular,muscles,first;time,first;timer,rimming,rimjob,ass;licking,anal,ass;fuck,anal;sex"|"654"|"Kayden Andrews"|""|
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Jack 'the snowflake' Pugh. Clearly a forgettable specimen. Overreacts. "If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 Problems and a bitch ain't one." I drew or imagined a scene whilst answering his stupid question I would kick his face, grab his head and slam it down onto the table. Then pick h up and piledrive him into the concrete below. Finally snapping his neck. I would go over to his topless girlfriend and jizz over her tits. As far as I am concerned I have done nothing wrong and so forget about it all together. Deleted Scene: I punch Danny Tarquin Jones in the face a few times. Taking the piss out of him. I grab his bike and hit him with it and shove the handlebar up his arse. Grab him in a headlock and snap his neck. Hang him up on a post for all the shoplifters to see as a warning. "When I am gone, it won't be long before I disturb you in the dark." I haven't received that code from Vodafone. I sent the text to the company about the guttering. Should be booked for the weekend. No response yet. Hyper Music/You Know My Name/99 Problems/Just/Duality /The Man Comes Around/I Won't Back Down/Megalomania/One Step Closer More chatter earlier on. Oh it was only between 5 and 7 in the morning. Be a cunt. Hi. Your gutters appear to be concrete gutters and we would recommend that they are re lined to stop thr leaks. Ie. All the gutter is sealed up lined. Ir would be £300 for the back or £500 for all the house. Regards. Regards. Richard. Cvc not into bi or gay guys. Lengthy profile with dos and donts. only does gangbangs out of age range. In my town. erlendjames @Leems17 15 Jan 12 Christ there is an amputee presenting cbeebies! #thatsjustnoton SONZ DVON @TonyeMak 14 Oct 12 RT @KingsLevi501: I don't know how to feel about this amputee woman on cbeebies../ she scares the Crap out of me  @danni030291 5 Jun 12 The amputee on cbeebies makes me ill! #tooearly Jessica 'J' Rush @jessiica06 26 Aug 09 Im all for equality but a one armed childrens tv presenter? If i was 3 id find that disturbing... #CBeebies This tall blonde in white has cracking tits. Passed a pretty teen in green. ‭01782 970497‬ Stoke called about insulation and glazing. Just had one from ‭01782 015643‬. Two hours later they call again. Vodafone haven't sent me the blasted code. It was difficult getting onto the website. In Tesco were some pretty women. A blonde in blue jeans with a nice arse. Rouge One: Star Wars spinoff. Has good humour and action. New music especially the theme tune. A star studded cast. Felicity Jones, Forrest Whitaker, Alan Tudyk and more. The rebels are looking for plans to help them destroy the Death Star. Some cameos. Episode 8 is out this year.

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Sunday, 27 January 2019

Can't Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers


I dreamt that I was back at college even though I had graduated. I was at the age of 39. A variety of things went on. It was the building with four floors. A work colleague Sophie, curvy 20something, black hair, glasses, busty. She had all thus confectionery which she sold to the students during breaks. The lecturer in a blue dress and brown hair was a mature woman. She seemed miserable. She was looking for Sophie. As she had the key and confectionery. It was needed for the next break. I had entered the canteen but crawled under two Asian men holding hands. I did look at the classrooms and saw some old faces from my past. I had been climbing outside. Like Spiderman. I had the key and went to each window. Some were padlocked. The fire escape was occupied. I eventually got in and did find Sophie. In an earlier dream at home my relatives had visited. There wasn't enough room for people to stay. My bed was occupied. I wanted to move out. My clothes were dumped. I saw that some were in the sitting room I did go there. In this dream or another one there was a virus that had infected my siblings. The next dream I am at work. It is a retail store. My youngest brother was on the till complaining about something. This bald headed man was a member of staff. There were bits on the racking to be sorted out. A pair of plastic manikin hands were places there. The Wasp theme seemed to play. My general manager who is a slim female and my age had parked her car. The back door was left open for her. I had this film which I watched and it was bizarre. A scene takes place in Africa. Some special effects. Matrix Marvel style action. Some people would launch their swords at the enemy yelling a command. Time might reverse. The swords could fly in a different direction. A big fight scene. A previous dream had me blogging on a computer. I remember some details and they are sometimes hard to explain. I might forget details too. If I draw the scenes it might help. 

My mum continues to talk to herself. My brother still asks for money. The guttering doesn't get done. This William Joyce @TheJohnnyFash is a twat and Anne Marie Waters should be sterilised.

There was a young couple waiting at Screen 8. The brunette, young, slim and pretty. Had a nice ass. She let's me in first. After her boyfriend went in. The lady serving me at the kiosk had nice eyes. I did almost forget what film I was watching. The one at the at the doorway that checks your tickets is pretty. 

I watched Glass starring James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson, Sarah Paulson, Anya Taylor Joy. After the events of Split. Set in Philadelphia. There is the cameo from the director. Expect a twist. Dunn is helping those in need and goes on the look for the missing girls. Kevin is around with the Horde. Mr Glass is in a mental institution. There is a doctor who wants to cure all three men. Casey is living her life and hears about Kevin so decides to pay a visit. Dunn's son is working for the security firm. The actor Spencer Treat Clark was a child in Unbreakable. The woman playing Elijah's mother. They may have needed to better with the make up. McAvoy does steal a few scenes. Great cast of actors. Nice way to end the trilogy. Anya looks hot. Those nice breasts of hers. A few of the kidnapped girls were hot.

You are going to see: Glass
Certification: 15
Running time: 129 minutes
Booking reference number: WKGTMRL
Date: 27.01.2019 at 17.30
Cinema: Loughborough
Cinema address: Baxter Gate, Loughborough, LE11 1TH
Screening type: 2D, Audio Described
Screen: Screen 8
Number of people going: 1
Seat(s): G15

James Charles bringing Birmingham to a standstill is ridiculous.
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