Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Solitarymaninblack-Ants in me pants, mon


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I have started watching Marvel Runaways on Disney+. A TV show mostly aimed at a team market. Has superheroes. An eclectic soundtrack. The songs keep playing every few minutes. There were a group of friends that used to hang out before tragedy struck. The parents all know each other. I will see how long I stick with this. There are secrets. The blonde one is attractive. In the scene where she is getting carried up the stairs at the party. You can see her ass. If you liked Stargirl, Smallville, New Mutants then this is worth a look. 
Cast: Rhenzy Feliz Lyrica Okano Virginia Gardner Ariela Barer Gregg Sulkin Allegra Acosta Angel Parker Ryan Sands Annie Wersching Kip Pardue Ever Carradine James Marsters Brigid Brannagh Kevin Weisman Brittany Ishibashi James Yaegashi Julian McMahon Clarissa Thibeaux

Still getting messages for items being delivered to Mo. 

I do get messages from people on Bandlab to check their stuff out and more often it isn't very good. To be honest neither is mine. 
Many songs are available at the link below. You can use to music for remixing, playing during Twitch streams or YouTube videos. 

I am finding Teespring.com to be useless. I get logged out all the time. Try applying text to a t-shirt and it doesn't let me.

I have to drop off the keys to the assistant manager as she is swapping a shift with me. Going for her covid vaccination. I am going to to look at a repairman or new cooker. Well the other family members will pay for it. Having to get to the bank for a specific statement. Dropping off soap at that guy's house. All a waste of time and money. I do remember this one woman saying how they can't make you take the vaccine. Not sure why I apologised for low sas as I asked. This company is greedy. The condoms get wasted. The fleshlight either slips off or the vibrating gadget makes me go soft. 

 Why wasn't he wearing a coat? They should have left him alone after speaking to him.

Karens playing the victim 

The Karens like Rachel Riley, Tracey Ann Oberman, Emma Kennedy, Kirstie Allsop will try to cancel him.

English Man In New York - Dystopia "be yourself no matter what they say" https://amzn.to/3aJ40AC Respect to

He should not have been in prison or have to pay the money.

As irrelevant as this story is. Anyone that doesn't listen to Meek Mill has excellent music tastes. 

People do ask the most retarded of questions. Definitely assume that it was an American yet again. Fucking clown That Blue On Blue Violence needs addressing After midnight and my mum is repeating the same phrase. Later asks if I'm alright 4 times. Then at 1:30am is repeating some other shit. The poppers weren't having the desired effect. Pornhub is trash since it deleted all those videos. Some fat guy with his wife pop up in the results for lesbian because they used that word in the title. The playlist buffers. Some white lesbian couple with dreads which will offend black Americans and no one else. coloniser needs deporting. Loefler wants voter suppression. Hawley doesn't understand accountability. That dumb bitch that didn't vote complaining about Biden. Karens will complain. Was this really necessary? Instead of lowering the flags at half mast. Ron DeSantis should go to Rush Limbaugh's funeral. Walk up to the open casket. Undo the trousers and suck on that corpse's cock. This cunt was doing the very same thing as Qanon. This guy is reaching. We are in bigger trouble because of idiots like this. The couple need to come to an agreement. Can't be forced to have children.

A frozen preserved 500 year old Incan girl. People are commenting about white people and archaeology. 

The Ghrey YouTube posts various memes and shite. But this is racist. I reported it.
white supremacist is jealous My account had been suspended and often unfollowed from left wing people. It seems that rightwingers like to post any old bollocks See if the thread proves her point or goes in the opposite direction. She should not make excuses. I haven't seen it on the app but I have had been subjected to on the street many years ago. Saw some vile statements from black Americans on an online forum about India because of an incident and there were the black brits mocking an Indian woman's accent, she was a work (B&Q) colleague of a chat room member. Then a Pakistani man who had joined the chat. 
If you follow Tariq Nasheed it is endless xenophobia. People are just being tonedeaf like white folk. The immediate response to his tweet was accusing him of lying. Something a white supremacist does when a hate crime is mentioned or a man making unnecessary comments about a female victim of sexual assault. Generalisations about a continent/race based on a few people. The tweet might have been deleted. I responded to the OP of the thread I bet that I will get blocked then it proves that she is fragrile.  

The uploader of the video complains about Blm when they have nothing to do with a film scene  

Clown White Fragility
She must have asked to speak to the manager. A random white woman giving her opinion on what a woc journalist should be doing. Take a look at his username. Really dumb thing say. Her whole timeline is a mess. Seem variations of this tweet. Random reply is about Keke Palmer whoever that is. Karen Being a black woman in entertainment or any job. Didn't even want to negotiate a pay rise. Expected to do a lot, paid the least. Misogynoir. The misogynoir in the comments. Some are triggered.

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