Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Solitarymaninblack - Black Foundry

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This guy is a legend

I watched the Candyman film from Jordan Peele. A reboot/sequel. A horror movie. It will trigger the rightwingers. It does acknowledge what happens in the original films. Cabrini Green has been gentrified. You have this art community. Anthony is a budding artist, he lives with his girlfriend. There is a satirical look at America. You would like the originals, Us, Get Out. Good special effects. A new way of looking at the story. You see the types of people that fall victim to the Candyman. Anthony does summon him. He initially becomes his messenger. Painting pictures based on the legend. It is quite dark. Discusses racial inequality. Some cameos. You will recognise some actors. Teyonah was last in Wandavision. Interesting to see discussions and trivia. Expect twists. With the end credits and some storytelling scenes whoever did the animation puppetry did a good job. Watch this film with an open mind.